Wyze Stick Vac Battery Life

Just received the cordless stick vac. Seems to do a good job on all surfaces. However, the battery life is poor. About 20 min on med setting and barely enough juice to do my 1700 sq ft home. If you have a larger house, you will need multiple batteries. I have several different Wyze products but this one is extremely disappointing. Perhaps Wyze should limit its product line rather than coming out with so many new, unrelated items.

This is one of the very few Wyze products I do not own. Biggest reason, I have a number of vacuums of various types, and because of the very reason you are commenting on.

The run time is documented in the product page.

I believe there is still value in having multiple batteries at the ready for the Wyze vac vs competitor devices and their run times, cost, with the additional cost in extra batteries. Just wasn’t for me at this time. Maybe if one of my existing go down.

What is SAVING mode? I see no mention of that with vac instructions. Thank you.

“Saving mode” is the naming convention for competitor’s cordless vacuum. It’s equivalent to Wyze’s Eco Mode: