Cordless vacuum experience

I received my cordless vac the day before yesterday. The unit has great mobility, it’s lightweight and does a great vacuuming job on my hardwood and tile floors. Personally I think it’s too light for deep pile carpet as it has a tendency to bounce when vacuuming them.

I did about 1500 sq feet of hardwood using Med power on a charge. Charge time is about 4 hours. Having a second battery would be nice but for me the price is prohibitive.

Tried it on my cars and needed to run on Turbo to vacuum the carpets. It does a great job but I wish I could get a hose attachment to be able to get into some of the spaces in the interior. I think Wyze should sell a hose extension. I’m going to try to find one that will work on Amazon.

I did have an issue with the battery not seating correctly but support quickly resolved the problem.