Wyze Cordless Vacuum battery life

The cordless vacuum works well, although we have found the battery life when used on Turbo mode is only about 10 minutes. It lasts longer on the medium or eco setting. It also does not hold a charge well (when charged to 100% at the end of the day, it drops to 80% by the next day without using it. We used a different outlet to charge it, but it still depletes quickly on turbo.

Do other users have the same issue? We understand that this is expected (info from Wyze) although battery life is something that could stand to improve.


I logged in here to find out if anyone was having the same problem as me! Your damn right I am! This vacuum is useless to me! I am having the exact same issues as you. I am very disappointed in this vacuum. I own the hand held vacuum and it is working perfectly! Very pleased with that purchase. The battery last longer than the cordless upright. I sure hope Wyze reads theses comments. Have you contacted Wyze about this problem? I am going to! I don’t have money to throw away!

Yes I contacted them.
They were aware. No fixes at this time other than not use it on the Turbo mode much.
Yes, very disappointed.

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Same disappointment as others have been saying. Battery life is dismal.
No way to get 50 minutes on 1 battery like their ad says.

WYZE - how about sending a 2nd battery out to those that bought early (and waited months!) for the vaccum ??

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i have to say this is the first wyze product i am not happy with as well. for my use, i do use the turbo mode and then there is only minutes of battery life.

it works fine, just not for very long.


I am curious… Are we all talking about the upright cordless vacuum? Or the handheld cordless vacuum? And wittmannton I have to agree with you. I own cameras, watch, plugs, lightbulb…etc & this is the first product I have purchased that I am having problems with. “the upright cordless vacuum”…

Very disappointed a well with the battery life on the upright cordless. Ordered a second battery just in case this would be the case when received and it still has not arrived. Purchased 7/17 and it is now 11/06. Cameras are great though.

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I find it only works well when it’s cleaned and fully charged. Once it’s used for a few weeks, the suction declines, battery life declines and the sweeper roller stops spinning. They should recall these. My rubber gasket fell out of the basket top rendering it even more useless.

Just picked up the cordless vacuum from Walmart that was on sale and it’s nice but I’m disappointed in the battery life . On turbo mode it lasted about 7 minutes .

Will have to get another spare battery , also the charging is super slow . From 0-100% it took roughly around 4 hours . That’s pretty slow charging . Battery life is super essential when it comes to a device , a bit disappointing…

Has anyone tried to take it apart and see if the battery can be replaced?? Can’t seemed to find a tare down for this hand held vacuum

Yes I’m having same issue battery totally sucks ass needs major work