Hand vacuum

what do other wyze people think about the hand vacuum when I first bought it it showed it picking up a bowling ball lol I can’t even get mine to pick up lint??

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I find it hard to believe yours can even pick up lint. Mine works fine and easily picks up cat litter. Have you tried the two different power settings?

As far as the bowling ball trick Wyze did, if you noticed in the video they used a special tip. That was more a marketing ploy than anything else.

Mine works ok…Just wish i would have paid less than 80 for it… Not worth that much…

Mine works alright but the battery life is horrible. Charge goes from 100% to 50% after less than 5 minutes of usage. I did not even try turbo mode.

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I am having the same issue with my vacuum. I waited nearly 3 months for this after ordering and am very disappointed in it. Barely holds a charge for less than 20 minutes then have to constantly change it.

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