Vacuum battery life ~half of what the specs say. What am I doing wrong?

Long time Wyze listener, first time caller. So I just received my 1st robot vacuum. I wanted to go with Wyze because I’m super happy with their other products I own.

I’ve setup and used my vac twice now, it’ll just barely do my whole house before the battery is zapped. I thought maybe the first time it needed to map everything etc but after the 2nd time, I’m seeing the same results.

On the latest firmware.
Total sqft: ~700.
Suction level: Quiet.
Env: Mostly hardwood floors with a few rugs. 3 virtual walls total.

Support said on quiet settings I should see about double the sqft (1600 on 1 charge).
What gives? Could it be alot of chairs/obstacles/transitions causing the robot to chew up battery life? I’ve only had it a week. I don’t want to return it but could I have gotten a lemon?

Thanks everyone.

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