30 minute battery life on Wyze robot vacuum? (Warranty issue?)

I am now getting only 30 minutes of battery life on my Wyze robot vacuum. Every 30 minutes it needs to go back and recharge…which seems to be taking longer and longer each week. (I seem to remember it lasting an hour when it was new, 6 months ago.)

Vacuuming downstairs is turning into an all-day affair.

I understand that the battery cannot be replaced.

What is a reasonable expectation for the battery life and at what point is it eligible for warranty replacement?

And, is it really non-replaceable?

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I doubt I am getting 30. Anyone able to help ?

Ok- I spoke with customer service. They suggested to reset map, then do a quick mapping. I did that and on 1st run I got over a hour. That is a HUGE improvement from yesterday. I am hopeful that was the trick. Hope this helps

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I had the same issue recently and was massively disappointed with Wyze’s (lack of) support. I found this battery on AliExpress that brought new life to my robot vacuum - https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256801207068417.html

Shame on Wyze for abandoning us on such an obvious and simple support issue- provide us with some kind of option when the battery goes.

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