New to forum and Robot Vac

My first robot vacuum. I am impressed! We have 3 dogs, 1 sheds a lot. I knew there was no way the bot vac could handle a typical amount of hair and dirt as a typical once a week vacuum. So I vacuumed the kitchen, living room, dining room and library using our dyson. Then I’ve had the Wyze bot running every night on high suction. The first night it took 1.6 hours (recharging during). After a week it seems to be taking a different route, and is taking 1.4 hrs usually. Pretty sure it goes back to charge but I’m sleeping so I don’t care. It fills the bin every night. The floor is clean. No need to vacuum by hand!!

Since the battery is drained every night, recharged, ran again, I am concerned that I’m pushing the capabilities of the vacuum but for now I’m just happy to have clean floors every morning.

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Welcome to the community @Quagmire

This is great to hear about the Dog Hair and Vacuuming. I don’t believe the charging is going to be an issue. Also note, on average it takes 2 minutes for 1% charge. so if you need 30% to fully charge it will take about 1 hour to complete.

Thanks for the information, this will help when asked about dog hair.

BTW: I am a community member as well, not a Wyze employee.