Wyze Robot Vaccum VS. Dog hair

OK, I’ve been running my new Wyze robot vacuum for a couple weeks now. So far, I’m impressed by the mapping and the speed and the smarts of this vacuum.

However, so far this Vacuum has done pretty close to ZERO on the dog hair in my house. Yeah, the dust bin is pretty small to begin with. But it seriously does not pick up on strand of dog hair. I have a lab mix, rescue dog thank you, and she’s got medium hair. She does shed. I’d expect the Wyze to pick up some of the hair at least before it gets too full, but it seriously picks up zero hair at all. It does pick up a lot of dust, and due to a bad dust bin design, a lot of it also goes AROUND the bin instead of in it. But to completely ignore and not touch any dog hair at all it quite upsetting.

Wyze has made a lot of great devices, and I’m normally a 100% supporter, but this robot vacuum has me a bit perplexed. I’ve also recently found this same vacuum on the internet under other names. Wyze seems to have farmed out the make of this vacuum rather than engineering it in house. I hope I’m wrong on that, and that Wyze is working to improve this vacuum. But right now, I’d say if you have a pet, skip this vacuum and go ahead with something higher priced. My old Neato did far better and I’ll likely end up with another Neato at some point. I’m sure others will do better than this too.

Come on Wyze! You can do better!

We have a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie and this vac would pick up hair all day long if I let it.
Seriously it’s been awesome picking up dog hair both on carpet and wood floor. However I empty the bin after every room cleaning and I regularly remove the the hair that accumulates on the roller brush with the supplied tool. Dog hair tumbleweeds are a thing of the past since getting this vac. Love it.

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Wyze needs a rubber brush for dog hair. Need to cut off golden retriever hair with scissors. IRobot has a better solution for dog hair.

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That’s really odd. We have a Labradane, also from a shelter. This little guy picks up bins FULL of his hair. I don’t even know how it’s still finding more. Every day when I empty it, it’s full of more dog hair.


Same situation here. Two rescues, one is a pomchi and the other is an akita/malinois mix that sheds uncontrollably.

My bin is full of dog hair everyday, and I don’t have a clue where it’s pulling it from because the floors already look so clean! I’ve been quite impressed by the efficacy of the vacuum in cleaning up the dog hair.