Wyze Vac and pet hair

Has anywhere been discussed how well the vacuum handles pet hair? The latest Shark has where it dispenses the hair pretty automatically from the roller. That is one of my frustrations with our current Romba and curious how Wyze handles hair build up.


Holy moley thank you so much! I had no idea this feature existed. This solves the absolute worst part of using any vacuum cleaner! Even without pets, hair is the bane of vacuuming a household. Slicing through and digging fingernails into tightly wound hair rolls is just gross and very time consuming.

Of course the specs don’t say how it works but a Youtube guy explains the “little protrusions on the upper portion of the brush housing which basically comb the hair off the brush as it spins”.

This is a must have feature for any vacuum ever! :slight_smile:

it can handle cat hair fine :upside_down_face:

what pet do you have? im thinking something like a llama might be a bit much…

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Right now just multiple humans. :slight_smile: Their hair is much more cumbersome than cat hair. Really gets tightened against the rollers after a few weeks. If this brushroll cleaning tech is legitimate (and it appears that it is) it’s a game changer. Seems as if the only other vendor with even a form of it is Eureka (which required a separate button/pedal push rather than the always-on combing the Sharks do).

I preordered the Wyze vacuum as well as currently have a Roomba. I have two dogs (average length hair). I am curious to see how the Wyze compares to my Roomba in terms of picking up dog hair. I am also curious about the maintenance of it. Currently I need to clean the ends of the Roomba to remove hair wrapped around there as well as the center of the brush. It is mostly just long human hair that causes that. The dog hair usually does not get wrapped around the brush.

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Yes the human hair is the main culprit. Now I am somewhat guiltily waiting for my trusty and effective Deebot to need replacing so I can get a Shark with this feature. I just finished struggling through another roller cleaning ritual yesterday. It’s a pain.

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We have only had our Wyze Vacuum for a few weeks but have already started the “roller cleaning ritual”. I don’t have any pets, but I have 3 girls with long red hair. I keep hoping the “hair tangled roller” problem will eventually calm down after all of it is cleaned up but it seems we produce more hair than expected. Cleaning the Wyze Roller is painful and the spinner on the end has fallen off and gotten lost from me on many times. The cleaner / cutting tool is helpful but it is still a lot of work.

Daily hair harvesting:

If Wyze could solve this with a different roller, that would be an upgrade I would be happy to buy!


Yikes, you have me beat. Even with pandemic length hair we haven’t gotten that much on a daily basis. (No pets either here at present.)

I only late in the game found out our Deebot roller end caps came off - it helped a lot.

Meanwhile we finally ordered a (3rd party because $15 vs. $50) roller/filter replacement kit and it made a world of difference. The little old vac is perceptibly faster and more spry, as if it’s a young pup again. I guess I won’t be getting that Shark soon. :frowning: I did look to see if anyone made any hair cutting version of the roller assembly, but no dice.

Do those fit the Wyze Vacuum?

Agreed, I have 4 women in my house. This is what the roller looked like after one run. The roomba I had was much easier to remove hair. 20210117_003437|281x500

I doubt it. But there may already be suppliers that fit the Wyze. I was surprised to see at least a half dozen different ones for my Deebot. And they actually fit.