Wyze Cordless Vacuum - Soft bristle roller brush

I like the vacuum, but it should include a soft bristle roller brush for hard floors.
At least, Wyze should sell or make available a site (even outside of Wyze) where we could purchase a soft bristle roller brush. -Blob

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I know how, in some vacuums, those kinds of bristles on solid surface floors can just sling debris out. Is that what’s happening with this Wyze robo vac? And do you know how other robovacs handle it?

This wishlist item is for the Wyze Cordless Vacuum, not the Robot Vacuum. I use both vac types on hardwood and ceramic tile and neither slings debris out.


Do you know how long the cordless has been out? I just ordered an aftermarket battery replacement for my Dyson. I think I’ve had it for maybe 7 years, not bad for battery life I guess… The Dyson does have different rollers for carpet and hard surface. But I have used carpet roller on hardwood and it doesn’t sling debris either.

Still, I’m waiting for a good excuse to buy the Wyze vac… :laughing:

About 3 months for those who preordered.

This WL is for the Wyze STICK vac, not the roomba type.

Yeah, sorry about the inconvenience, seapup pointed that out too. But also answered the question for the cordless vac too. Given the price point, I guess it’s not too surprising that the Wyze cordless doesn’t come with the hard surface roller. But it is a little surprising that the surface roller isn’t offered. I did get both with the Dyson. Of course it’s at least double the cost… I also got a powered upholstery brush. Does the Wyze vac have anything like that? I really like having it for pet hair. If Wyze could offer both of those as addons it would still be a great buy. My Dyson won’t last forever. :grimacing:

Btw, I just voted. You can vote for your own Wishlist. :white_check_mark:

Many similar products on Amazon come with both types of brush rollers. I’ve looked around to find a soft brush of the same dimensions & drive and have not found one yet. I am pretty sure someone builds these for Wyze, which means they may build a similar brush head for someone else. -B

Could be. I’d be interested if you find one. I don’t have a vacuum yet but that could change any minute…

A soft rotating bristle brush would be a welcome feature, as I’m a bit concerned of scratching my wood floors. I received my cordless vacuum 2 weeks ago and I’m impressed so far.

  • Wondering if anyone has tried cutting the bristles down or even removing the beater bar from the floor vacuum head (placing duct tape on the side hole).

  • Also curious if Wyze had run any battery tests on the unit operating without the beater bar, as the motorized head draws extra power from the battery in operation.


I just got hardwood floors and the installer looked at my Wyze cordless and said “don’t use it”. The bristles will gradually remove the finish on the floor. I have removed the roller and plugged the hole on the side. …would be nicer with a soft roller like other vacuums of its type


My daughter just asked me what Stick Vac to buy & I told her I like my Wyze but there were 2 things I didn’t like about it: lack of soft touch roller & the wall mount. The Beubans & Monsoon had nice, positive click in place wall mounts instead of a hook.

Still hoping that Wyze finds a soft roller option.


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