Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Does the new cordless vacuum cleaner come with a short tube so that I can use the motorized head in tight places like carpeted stairs? If not, how would one vacuum stairs with carpets? The long tube tends to make it very awkward to vacuum stairs.
Thank you.

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The Wyze Cordless Vacuum includes:

  • Main Unit (Battery included) x1
  • Charger x1
  • Crevice Tool x1
  • Floor Brush x1
  • Aluminum Tube Assembly x1
  • 2-in-1 Brush x1
  • Wall Mount Base x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1
  • Additional Insert x1
    More information can be found on the cordless vacuum details page.

The following accessories are currently available(more available soon):


Thank you for your list of included items; it does not look like there is a short Aluminum Tube Assembly.
Then, can the motorized Floor Brush be inserted directed into the Main Unit (with Suction Motor and Battery), without the Aluminum Tube Assembly? I can then vacuum my carpeted stairs with the motorized Floor Brush without the long Aluminum Tube, which would be more convenient for me. Thank you.

If my question is not clear, here is an example with pictures of what I am looking for:

My Shark vacuum has that same feature where I can remove the middle tube and make the unit more compact. From looking at the documentation, it doesn’t appear this vacuum has the same capability. Hopefully, it does and they just haven’t highlighted it on those pages.

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I can’t answer your question directly but it looks to me like the end of the long tube ( bottom right ) and the end of the head unit ( top left ) is the same, so it looks to me like you can remove the tube and attach the brush head to the head unit!
I could be wrong though


Good catch. It does look like it will work as @GoDisruptiveTech would like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your thoughts; it does look like it is possible. Before I place a pre-order, however, is there a way we can get someone from the product marketing or product design to confirm if the motorized brush head can be or cannot be directly attached to the Main unit?
I actually called the support phone number, but they thought it was not possible, but they were not 100% sure either.
Thanks much!
p.s., I am big fan of Wyze products and own quite a few, but one improvement I would like to suggest is that when they announce a new product with great promo pictures/videos and offer pre-orders, there should be an easy way to answer questions so we can determine if the product meets our needs.

i have posted this question to a wyze employee here