Wyze wireless vacuum accessories

Sorry if this has been addressed already, please respond with link if it has.

I recently bought a Wyze wireless vacuum and the only attachment that came with it is the crevice tool. While looking for options, I found a post on Wyze’s support page referring to a 2-in-1 brush, and extension hose.

This support page also refers to the above and even a wall mount base that’s supposed to be included.


I definitely didn’t get those included in my Wyze wireless vacuum package, and I can’t find those being sold anywhere (checked both Wyze store, Amazon and others).

Does any one know where these Wyze accessories can be purchased or even compatible parts?

Thanks in Advance

Me too John. I understand the frustration. I’ve been looking myself and I’ve come across your comment post before a while ago and then I saw your recent post now. I bought mine from Walmart and It only came with the skinny crevice tool that’s it. I would like the tool with the brush on the ending that the photo on Amazon has being used in the car. They don’t sell it separately. I need it for furniture etc. I’m getting to believe that they don’t sell it separately. And there’s no other kind of No frills brand that’s compatible with it.

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I found this post when trying to search for the same thing! Its so irritating they dont sell this separately. I found 3rd party wall mounts, but not brush tool. COME WYZE! DO BETTER!

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I know. I’m very disappointed. The vacuum is great! But seriously they do to need to do better. At least have it available on the website to sell as an extra accessory. What happens if it broke? And you can’t replace it You got to buy a whole new vacuum? That is just ridiculous.