Does Walmart only Sell the Cordless Stick Vacuum S?

So I bought the cordless stick vacuum from Walmart (This listing). What I got was the cordless stick vacuum S, which had a different listing on Walmart’s website (I can’t find it now, but I could a week or so ago). I didn’t buy the S, I bought the regular listing which said it included a wall mount and the correct accessories. Is Walmart supposed to be selling a different version or and I just stuck with the version lacking a wall mount and additional accessories?

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I have only seen the S version at my Walmarts

Ya the Walmart version must not include the wall mount, brush, etc. I wish I would have known that before I purchased through walmart. There was no information stating that it was different in anwyay from the version on the Wyze website anywhere inculding on the email that Wyze sent out about the vacuum now being sold at Walmart. And they dont sell the missing attachments or wall mount separately.

I added an topic for this here. Walmart Cordless Vacuum Missing Wall Mount and 2-in-1 Brush

Yes, I also fell for Walmart’s false advertising. Listing it as the 24 Kpa model and then giving you the lower-end S model (20 Kpa).

Me too! Is there a way to buy the brush attachment? That was the main reason for the purchase.

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This is a BIG scam! I ordered this from Walmart. The product shipped was not the product ordered, at least according to the description on the Walmart website. I own several Wyze products and jumped at the chance to buy the advertised vacuum at what I thought was a great price. The product described is the Wyze Vacuum Model WCLVAC. Unfortunately, what was shipped was the Wyze Vacuum Model WCVV2CD. The WCVV2CD is a real bowser. Be careful and don’t get bitten by this dog!

I called Walmart and they washed their hands of the description. Walmart CS stated the description was provided by the selling vendor, namely WYZE! Both Walmart and Wyze must be aware of the difference between what was advertised and what gets shipped. Both have had time to correct this… and that’s why I call it a SCAM!

The only option offered was to return the order to Walmart for a credit. I did return the order at a great inconvenience to me.