Cordless vacuum S

Just received our new cordless vacuum S and no wall plate to hang vacuum. Called Wyze and they said it was to cut cost!! It will not stand on its own!! Looks like my support for Wyze has been overlooked by Wyze. Wanted to try the watch but no way now.

Yeah, that’s part of what the S version means…I believe it means the “slim” version that doesn’t force people to have all the added bloat stuff that some people don’t want to pay for.

It wasn’t anything personal or malicious. They do try to make sure people know the differences, but it hard to make everyone read everything before they buy (even though they make a strong effort to list everything that is included in the box, and write FAQs, etc…people still don’t read), so they offer a return policy for times when there are misunderstandings like this or for whenever someone finds that the thing they got isn’t going to meet their needs after all.

I do have one with the wall mount, but I don’t use it. It holds up reasonably well for me, leaning it up against a wall and shelf while it charges, so I haven’t gotten around to setting up the wall mount.

However, for those who really want a wall mount, with the money you saved by getting the model without the wall mount, you can buy your own. Here are some options that people have liked:

Or this one is just for accessories:

Hopefully one of those will work for your needs if you still want to keep the vacuum. Honestly, I think some of those are better than the Wyze Mount I got with the other non-S model that included a mount. I kind of wish I got the cheaper one so I could just put that money toward one of those other cool mounts.

But seriously, if anyone is dissatisfied with something you purchase, return it and get something that satisfies your needs. That’s what return policies are for, so nobody gets stuck with something that causes long-term hard feelings.


Well you’re correct I didn’t read what parts came in the box. This is our second Wyze stick vacuum and we have been very happy with that one. The problem is it fell over and broke one of the pieces that hold the canister to the body. So I have it tie wraped together and it’s working just fine but our Dyson has failed and wanted to replace that one with another Wyze. So having said that I felt betrayed when all the accessories were not in the box that I expected to be there like a wall hanger and brush head. I will be making a wall hanger and I will no longer buy wyze products online.

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Yes…they FORGOT the mounting bracket period! Bigger issue for my wife is the canister open lever being in absolutely the worst place if you’re right handed. Many spills have happened already. Will be returning since we keeping opening the “garbage hatch” by accident

Oh man! No wonder you are frustrated, Garry. I totally understand that. Sorry hear that. I hope your wall hanger helps a little.

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Here is a 3D file I designed for an adapter that allows you to use Rigid accessories on your Cordless Vacuum S. It adapts the crevice tool to the Rigid 1 7/8 size accessories.

If you want one, I can print it for you at a very low cost plus shipping.

Thank you for the information. I have made my own now but will keep this in mind. The thing that has angered me most is the way Wyze handled it. For the money the Wyze camaras are hard to beat and my wife loves their robot vacuums which we have two.

I’ve been happy with Wyze products so far but, in my opinion, the Vacuum S is a fail. For handheld use, it comes with a crevice tool but no 2-in-1 cleaning brush that just about every other manufacturer includes in their kit. The crevice tool is way too narrow to use effectively to clean up a small pile of dust/dirt from the tile or carpet. There are no accessories that can be purchased other than an extra battery (for about half the cost of the entire vacuum). In sum, the vacuum lacks the tools to make it fully functional.