Cordless Vacuum S did not come with a wall mount, can't find where to purchase just that

Bought the Cordless vacuum S at Walmart but it didn’t come with a wall mount. Can I purchase just that somewhere? I’ve looked and it doesn’t seem to be an option. I hate that the vacuum won’t stand up by itself. If it doesn’t come with a wall mount how the heck are you supposed to store it.

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Same here , I bought the s cordless vacuum from Walmart a few weeks ago and didn’t get a wall mount or any other additional attachments

I too would like to know where I can buy the wall mount

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EDIT: (OOPS! Accidently posted links to the Handheld Vacuum instead of the Cordless Vacuum --feel free to skip this post)

There are some 3D Printed options you can buy on Etsy:

Or even better, if you know anyone with a 3D printer, or if your local library does 3D printing (check your libraries because some of them do it for free, and some just charge for the cost of materials), then you can find a bunch of great options on Thingiverse for free too. Just download the file and send it to the person who does the 3D printing, and they’ll send it to the printer and out comes the thing you want:

I recommend having them printed with black material to match the color of the vacuum, but you could do any kind of material or color you want, really. Use Rainbow sparkles filament if you can find it for all I care. :rofl: Maybe it will make someone’s preteen more likely to agree to vacuum sometimes. :man_shrugging:

Honestly, some of the 3D prints are even better than the ones that came with the original model.,and the cord fits right in through the dock and everything with several of them and pins the cord in place so that it automatically charges when you dock it. Very cool.

EDIT: Oops! The above links were for the handheld vacuum instead of the “Cordless Vacuum”

Thats for the handless vacuum

Do you know if they sell any 3 d prints for the cordless vacuum?

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OOPS! I think I saw some for the other one too, just didn’t pay close attention to which one I posted pictures of and links to :rofl: I’ll have to look for the other one. My bad!


No problem

I’m surprised Wyze doesn’t sell the wall mount separately.

I would like to have one , lmk what you can find

Thanks Carver :slight_smile:


I’m going to hit up @lachlan6 and see if he’s interested and able to make one for all the people who bought this S unit that doesn’t come with a mount anymore. There are probably going to be a TON of people looking for affordable Mounts for this thing now that the Walmart S model doesn’t come with one and that’s basically the main unit everyone is buying now. Drew makes good quality stuff like this and he’d probably be interested in knowing there is a growing demand for it.

If I find any other options online I’ll let you know what I find.


Not that it helps any in locating a wall mount, but here is a wishlist topic for Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount/Hanger Ideas:


I did the same without knowledge it was the “S” version. The Walmart listing I bought from showed pictures of it hanging on the wall and even talked about the wall mount in the description. It also talked about the brush accessory, none of which was included when it showed up. And nowhere in the listing mentioned it was a version “S”. I did multiple back and forths with Walmart and Wyze, neither were helpful and no one wanted to take ownership and help supply a wall mount. Really disappointing and kind of dumb on Wyze part to leave that cheap part out since the vacuum can’t even stand on it’s own.


I honestly didn’t see the big ole S on the box, but it looks like wyze is only selling the S version in Walmart stores

I bought my second cordless vacuum S. The first one a couple of years ago came with the wall mount.
To my surprise this one does not.
It makes no sense at all! What is wyze thinking? Where are we suppose to put this vacuum when not in use? on the floor? leaning in a closet?
I am returning this one that I just got.

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Found this conversation while trying to find the Wall Mount myself, but after arduous searching I was still unable to find an STL for a “S” compatible Cordless Vacuum.
So I gave up and just created it myself, Wyze Cordless Vacuum S Wall Mount, enjoy!

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