Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount/Hanger Ideas

Hello guys, so far i’m loving the vacuum, but i find a little troublesome that if you take the bottom part to clean the filter, while those parts dry up you cannot place the vacuum to charge on the holder, because it will simply fall from the wall hanger, The weight is enough to not hold it on place unless the other parts are in to lock it on. I don’t know maybe you make a revision in the future of this. Other than that, awesome vacuum, need to get a battery ASAP!

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Nice idea. I tried it without the hopper and it slid right off.

@mods able to turn this into a wishlist? :slight_smile:


Thanks @Seapup !

@KRamos , Don’t forget to vote on this now that it’s a wish list! Thanks for bringing it up!


A question about the wall hanging base is why did you design it in a way that we have to manually plug the power cord in and out. I have sent a picture of the Moosoo wall hanger that has a release at the top and it snaps right in and charges with nothing else to do each time. Really smooth. Your manual approach is terrible engineering and cumbersome. Come on guys/gals let’s fix this to make it easy on us. I use the Moosoo the most due to the ease of rehanging and charging it.

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Cordless vacuum charging docking station versus corded plug

I love the cordless vacuum cleaner product but I absolutely hate the fact that we have to use a corded plug to charge. Why can’t this have a charge docking station? We would have several of these if it was that easy.

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