Cordless Vacuum Brush Accessory

So I purchased the cordless vacuum and love it. The only issue I have is the bush accessory, When I attach it to the vacuum you can’t apply any pressure to the brush without it retracting. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

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I have this exact same issue! I’ve tried contacting Wyze about it via email but it’s so complicated to do this and left me frustrated. I filled the form out and then it required the product name but there wasn’t a cordless vacuum choice in the drop down menu, and it wouldn’t let me send without this information so I just gave up. But yes, this two in one brush is kind of useless in the brush mode when it keeps retracting with normal vacuuming. It just doesn’t latch in place very well and Wyze needs to fix this!

Yes, same issue. I’m thinking of just taping it in the open position as I almost never use it without the brush extended. I’m a little surprised that nobody caught this in testing. Seems to be a built-in defect.

Apparently Wyze doesn’t test their products or they knew about this and pushed the product out anyway. But we shouldn’t have to tape it to make it stay in place. Wzye needs to fix this. They also need to address how easily the gasket for the dust bin falls out when you empty it. Many have lost the gasket in the trash, not realizing it fell out. Mine fell out 4 times already, luckily I found it later each time. I’ve been trying to contact them about these two issue but can’t reach anyone at Wyze.

I put some super glue on the gasket - problem solved. But I do agree, both of these are problems that should have been found easily even in casual testing.

After being on hold for over 30 minutes I finally was able to talk to someone from Wyze. He grabbed a cordless vacuum to see my issues first hand and agreed that the gasket should be held in place more firmly and they will replace them under warranty if you lose it. He also saw how easily the two in one brush accessory pushes back not holding in place but felt it was by design and could only offer me a full replacement of my vacuum if I sent mine back. I declined that offer because nothing would be fixed.

So, after pulling off the brush part of the two in one brush accessory and looking under at the teal color push clip it is slanted at the rear, for easy insertion of parts just like the slightly larger clips on other parts of the vacuum. This makes it too easy to push back when using this brush. I understand that they wouldn’t make just one clip squared off instead of slanted, for mass production purposes. But a redesign is needed for this accessory.

And again, we shouldn’t have to tape the brush forward to keep it in place when vacuuming or, glue the dust bin gasket to prevent it from falling out when emptying.