Edge Brush Keeps Falling Off

I have been using the Wyze Vacuum for about a week now and so far my only complaint is the edge brush does not stay on. It falls off every 10 or 15 minutes.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I am thinking of putting a drop of super glue on it.

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Yes, that happened to me. Underneath furniture of course so I had to hunt for it.
You didn’t press hard enough when you installed the brush. With the WRV upside down and the LIDAR protrusion off the edge of a table so you don’t damage it, press the brush on until you hear an audible click.


Thank you! I’ve pressed it on hard and it clicked, so I’ll see now if it stays. But I expect it to.

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Thank you. Will try.

Thank you for that. It was driving us nuts to the extent we are sitting on a return label.

Glad pressing hard worked for someone. I’ve pressed as hard as I can and I still have to go searching for the edge brush each vacuuming day. Wondering if it can be drilled to add a screw to hold it on.

I would try Super Glue before I got the drill out.

You need to put it upside down on a flat service, align the brush with the square post, and press HARD; you should hear a clear snap as it seats.

. If that doesn’t work your vacuum is defective; contact Wyze about getting it replaced.

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I’ve had this same problem with mine, switched to the 2nd brush after only using the first brush for 1 week, but the same problem.

Contacted Wyze support within 2 weeks of purchase, they told me my brushes must be worn out and to purchase replacement, they would not replace them under warranty, and also told me they didn’t actually have any available for sale, but I could add my email address for a notification. I asked them why replacement brushes would work any better than the brand new brushes that came with it. I got the ticket escalated to a manager and they suggested I could return the vacuum since it was within 30 days, but they would not refund shipping.

I kept the vacuum despite insanely crappy service, and have since lost both of my edge brushes somewhere around the house. So I guess the problem is solved.

Not really sure I made the right move by switching away from Roomba anymore.

You are not pressing hard enough when installing the edge brush. You need to press really hard until it clicks.

Mine click pretty easily, are you suggesting you can push it even harder for a 2nd click?

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Yes, press really hard.

Like michaeli, My problem was solved by giving up on using the side brushes. Vacuum still works well for most of the floor. I was given the same option to return the entire vacuum, but chose to live with the crippled unit I received.

This is an issue for me as well. I tried drilling a hole in the center of the edge brush, removed the screw from the stem piece it attaches to (underneath) and then used that screw to reattach the edge brush. Unfortunately, the plastic on the center of the edge brush is quite thick and the screw is not long enough to bite into the stem behind it. So, the edge brush still fell off. I might later see if there is an easy way to purchase the same screw but slightly longer. I know little to nothing about screw types/styles/designs and such, not my know how right now so probably not. Later, I removed the strange metal piece on the stem. I bent it slightly so that the edges of it would protrude outward a little more. I then put it back together and the edge brush clicked firmly into place. It seems that the metal piece controls the tension that holds the edge brush on. This is such a screwy design or should I say screwy screwless design. My Roomba has a screw that solidly holds the edge brush on and this was never an issue with that machine. Wyze’s next robot vacuum design needs to have a screw that holds the edge brush on not a screwy screwless click on mechanism that tends to fail for a lot of people.

The easy way to keep the edge brush on is just to push it hard until it clicks. When I do that it never comes off.


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I had the same issue when I first used the vac.

You have to push REALLY HARD to get the brush to click.

If it still falls off you have either a faulty brush or a faulty vacuum. I got the Wyze robot vac a looong time ago and can’t remember if it came with spare brushes. I assume you tried another brush if you have one.

Another thought if you have the funds is to buy a Wyze robot vac at WalMart and try to install your side brush on it, or use the side brush from the Guinea pig vac on your robot vac. WalMart returns are very liberal if you have the receipt.

This is a common issue that is usually caused by not pushing the brush hard enough onto the vacuum.

Yes, I am aware of pushing down on the brush very hard. However, that was not my issue. It had stopped clicking even when a tremendous amount of downward force was applied while the vacuum was upside down with the LiDAR head hanging over the edge of a countertop. In fact, I was pressing so hard that if I had pressed any further it could have broken the plastic stem behind the brush.

Yes, I too have made sure mine were pushed on all the way.

Called Wyze 2 weeks after I got it, they told me it must be bad brushes, but wouldn’t send replacement brushes. I looked online and couldn’t even order replacement brushes from them.

They wouldn’t rma the whole unit either, told me I could return it and lose the shipping cost. Kind of bs.

Several months later, still couldn’t get brushes or roller from Wyze, and guessing they are still out of stock. Ended up order some knock offs, o different, they fit the same and come off just the same.

you can order the replacement parts from the Wyze Store for 22.99:

Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit