Just got the Wyze Robot Vacuum. Totally loving it. Edge brush falling off

I decided to go for the robot vacuum for my new house, and I totally love it so far.
The robot does a great job at mapping and does a nice cleaning job.
I’m looking forward to multi-floor mapping so I won’t have to remap every time I move the vacuum.
I noticed the edge brush keeps on falling off if the vacuum climbs over something (like the sill of the bathroom doorframe).
Shouldn’t Wyze notify you if the edge brush falls off? It doesn’t seem like this is a feature.

Just curious… Have you properly secured the edge brush to the vac? I think it snaps on. Mine has never popped off and I have pretty high door frames between rooms.

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Yes. It’s snapped on.

Did you try the other brush? It comes with two.

Also, I have one vacuum for each floor because I wanted both floors on automatic schedule.
Totally worth it.

Mine has been falling off too, typically when going over the edge of a rug. Maybe that is why the other brand I used to have was screwed on.

I finally found the first brush underneath the buffet in my dining room. It must have come off while it was cleaning and I didn’t see it until I moved the furniture.
While I would love to have the vacuum on an automatic schedule, there are usually too many things on the floor for the vacuum to go off. I have two small children and there are always tons of things that shouldn’t be driven over by a vacuum on the floor.
Now with the multiple floor mapping feature in Beta, it’s much easier to clean the whole house.

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That’s a good news about the beta with multiple floor mapping feature.
My sister and my mom have only one vacuum for their homes and it will be very useful for their homes.