Two in One Brush Doesn't Stay Locked in Place

Is anyone else having an issue with the two in one brush that came with your cordless vacuum? When mine has the brush extended it doesn’t stay locked in place very well. Any slight pressure with normal vacuuming pushes it back.

Yep, same here. Design problem.

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And Wyze won’t fix it. They have a history of not addressing hardware issues.

I guess to be fair to WYZE, I think this not an unusual problem. I have another off-brand cordless stick vac with the exact same problem.

I’m thinking it might be more of a manufacturing tolerance or materials problem than a design issue. Either way, the challenge to making design changes to solve the problem can be very expensive for lower volume products due to the high fixed cost of having to buy new tooling for the injection molding. And, it would not surprise me if this tooling is NOT owned by WYZE, but rather their contract manufacturer.

I’m speculating here because I don’t have any knowledge of WYZE’s specific situation, But I do have past experience with contract manufacturing in Asia. Quality control is an expense.

But, again not trying to make excuses for WYZE, I think this is to be expected when you are paying these prices for these kinds of products.

This is not a tolerance or materials issue, it’s the intended design on this clip. The clip is slanted so it can be slid on easily and not pulled out without pressing the clip. So any pressure pushing on it makes the brush slide back farther. Wyze should have aligned this clip backwards, so it wouldn’t slide back easily. Or better yet don’t have slanted clips on this one part, make it square so we’d have to press the button to slip it on the vacuum. But then as I said before this would mean a separate change to one part that is used with other parts on the vacuum, so it’s not cost effective to do this. If I had a spare one I’d fill in the slant on the clip so it can’t be pushed back so easily. Maybe even wrapping some tape around it would work. I might try experimenting, but I don’t use this attachment that often to justify my time working on it.