Cordless stick vacuum motorized brush not spinning

My cordless vacuum floor brush suddenly stopped working. I cleaned out the brush by removing it and inspecting it for anything that may be preventing it from working correctly. Checked for clogs, also connected it directly to the vacuum without the long tube, still nothing. The lights don’t turn on either. Anyone experienced this? We love our vacuum, hoping the fix is simple.

Welcome! Is there any debris around the electrical connections on the brush head that you can see. I had this for a brief time, but after a few reseats of the brush head into the vacuum or expansion tube got it to work again. No issues since.

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Had the same problem but after taking apart the sections and putting them back together it started working again :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on the belt too. My belt was broken.

Do you remember the belt size?

It’s a 2M-158-3 belt, sometimes referred to as a 158-2M-3 belt. Just google “2M-158-3 belt”.