How to access the belt in the cordless vacuum?

My brush will no longer spin on my Wyze cordless vacuum. I’ve barley used it. The lights come on so it’s getting power. I want to check and see if it’s the belt. How do I open the brush unit to get to the belt?

I’ve removed the screws from the bottom part and can get it to open a bit, but it won’t open. It feels like I will have to force it and I don’t want to break it. Does anyone have any instructions or a video that shows how to access the belt?

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I don’t believe there is a belt. Check out this thread by @carverofchoice. This area is likely to be the culprit.

If you remove the brush, one side has a cap, if that it is filled with debris it may be keeping your brush from spinning.


The roller is driven by a belt:

But binding is usually due to accidental loss of the felt washer that cushions the end of the roller to prevent binding with the plastic brush head housing:

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Thank you for linking this post!! I will look into it tomorrow. I bet you are right. I believe it did stop because of too much hair. I didn’t realize that piece comes apart, so this is great to know! I figured out the mechanism on the brush holder spins just fine, So it is the brush itself that is the issue.

There is a belt, but thankfully mine is still intact. I figured out there were two screws underneath the tiny wheels. After removing those I was able to take the vacuum brush holder (what is that thing called?) apart and get a glance at the belt.

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Thank you for posting this! I think my washer is still there, but I’ll have to double check. Definitely something worth looking into as it looks like my belt is fine.

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This was the issue! My vacuum works again, Thank you!!


If all is intact with respect to the belt, also check to make sure the bearing spins freely on the short shaft that attaches to the belt spindle. Despite appearing clean, I used an x-acto knife in the small gap where the bearing spins and was able to pull away and cut out a good amount of hair until it was able to spin freely.