Roller brush doesn't spin on cordless vacuum, locked in place by retaining cap

I have the Cordless Vacuum and the roller brush can’t spin. The retaining cap is preventing the brush from turning. It looks like something seized up.

The motor is working fine, the brush will spin without the retaining cap, but it is unusable without the cap. It seems crazy to have to spend 40% of the cost of a new vacuum to get an entire brush head to fix one part. And unless they redesigned it, it will happen again in 6-12 months.

One end of the cap is fixed, the other spins on a bushing. Just pull the cap straight off the end farthest from the belt drive and dig the junk out with a pick or something small.

Correction: It’s a small bearing, not a bushing.

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Mine stopped once:


My cap is not coming apart.

It looks like it melted together. I tried to use a pointy tool to try to pop off that part, but it’s not budging.


Not good. Must have overheated, galled and welded together.

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