Cordless Vacuum motorized brush


The motorized brush feels like it’s getting stuck to the floor as if it was blocked while vacuuming and is temporarily blocking the suction and isn’t rolling as smoothly as before. My toddler got a hold of it and that’s likely the culprit. I’m wondering if I can get a replacement part for the regular motorized brush. I’m thinking perhaps the brush got nudged inside that it’s letting the encasement get lowered to the floor so much that it’s creating a seal with the floor, which causees the above experience.

Welcome to the forum. I had something similar happen to me. My brush head stopped spinning and so it was reacting similar to what you describe. I eventually took the brush-head out and cleaned it, took off the cap and there was a TON of tangled-up hair inside there. I removed all the hair inside that cap and put it back into the vacuum and everything started working fine again. Try that and see if it fixes your issue like it did mine:

If you’re still having problems, consider contacting support. They may have some other ideas from similar things others may have reported.


Thanks for your response, but that didn’t work at all.