Wyze Cordless Vacuum brush attachments not working

After working fine for over a year, today the brush attachments for our cordless vacuum will not work. Both the floor brush and the mini brush attachments will not spin and there are no lights. Both the attachments seat fully. I have made sure the electrical contacts are free of any dust or dirt. The brushes are clean and move freely if we spin them by hand.
I would appreciate any troubleshooting we could do - the vacuum is a little over a year old and it is too soon for it to fail to work properly.

Welcome to the forum @AlannaMM!

Sorry to hear of your issue. This is primarily a user to user forum, where most users of the Wyze Cordless vacuum would suggest what you have stated you have done.

The big one is making sure the roller is clear of debris on the side under the cap as shown here by @carverofchoice.

If you have cleared that area as well I would suggest reaching out to Wyze Support.


A Google search turned up the following Reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/ptco48/cordless_vac_brush_head_gets_no_power/) and it appears that this is our problem. I took apart the vacuum as described and the soldering appears to be OK but when I put the vacuum back together, it now works so there must be a loose connection. Hopefully, the vacuum will continue to work. If it doesn’t, I’ll take it to a repair shop to fix the connections.