Wyze cordless vacuum - No power to brush head attachment

Had the Wyze vacuum for a few weeks now, and today the brush head stopped working. There is no power to the brush; the LED’s do not illuminate, and the brush does not spin. I have already attempted the TS available on the site, but it’s not a matter of the brush being “stuck”. The brush spins freely, and is free of any debris.

I’ve removed and reattached all the pieces / parts, but nothing is working.

Has anyone else seen this issue? No LED’s, brush not spinning?

Welcome to the forums! Does it do this if you plug the spining head piece directly u to the vacuum unit? Like take the long hose piece out and don’t use it, just want to narrow down if the issue is within that piece or not. Did you look at the different connection terminals between the different pieces? Between head piece and hose, and hose and vacuum unit? Check for debris, damage etc.

I blew the connections off with canned air, I did not try to connect it directly to the base, but I looked at it and they seemed to be different connections, but I’m checking again now (10/11/21 945p MT)

thanks for the advice…I’ll report back my findings

So I did check this out, and what I’ve noticed is that the brush attachment doesn’t make a solid connection with either the base unit or the long piece that it’s designed to connect with. Even when you push it on all the way, you can still simply just pull it off; it won’t “click” into place…

And there’s no chunk of crud stuck in any of the attachment areas? Can you tell where it’s binding other than just not clicking into place?

Im having this same problem. Lucky i have 2 of the vacs so i switched it out with the other head so i can verify it is the head that is defective.

Alrighty, and welcome to the forums! Sounds like a contact with support is warranted in this case, here’s the info.

I did…I took some canned air, and blew it in there…for whatever reason, the brush head will not latch, and unless you push it in just right, it won’t work, but even if you do get it in place, it can come loose, and stop working (along with the LED’s going off).

I’ll reach out to Support