Cordless vacuum canister retaining clip

Retaining clip broke. Now the canister won’t stay attached to the motor. Anyone come across this problem? If so, what’s the fix? Thank you.

Same thing happened to us out of nowhere. We tried to glue but it keeps failing causing canister to fall and open which makes a bigger mess. I reached out to WYZE to ask for a replacement part so I could disassemble and fix but they said they don’t have replacement parts. Basically want me to buy a new one we had ours for not even a year. Most likely will be looking at new brand which sucks because we liked the vacuum, just some design flaws

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I had this exact same issue this weekend and the company said the exact same thing to me! What a bummer - they want me to throw away a perfectly good vacuum because a 10-cent piece of plastic broke…Very sad and not something I’d expect from Wyze.


The worst part is that

  1. This could be an easy fix
  2. Wyze does not sell this part
  3. Wyze will not cover a replacement (out of warranty)

This is a disposable vacuum and this is disappointing (Wyze HAS had good service, even out of warranty, for other products)

A fresh piece of Duct Tape can make it work. I brag about Wyze for other products, but a duct-tapped vacuum has a bad look

Yall this is terrible that they are doing this. I have went from someone that talked all of my friends and family into purchasing various products from the company and I myself have bought near every single product they make and had plans to purchase way more but now with the first wyze light bulbs having problems connecting and upgrading firmware and now trashed and then their leak of peoples wyze camera feeds to people that shouldn’t have access to them and now them not having any possible way that I could even buy a replacement part to change out my vacuum. I am a disabled veteran and my life is already super hard to get by not to mention alot of other things so i am also broke and having to save for a while for nearly any thing I need even for my health and this company is just so money hungry that they want you to go spend another 139 or whatever it costs to buy a new vacuum.
I am now disgusted with this company and have been actively telling everyone including people that I dont even know and see them looking at a wyze product… DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY ANYMORE. I used to thing they cared about their customers and now I see they dont give a *****. Thanks Wyze for showing us what this company has became.