Cordless vacuum won't suck

Ok here was the problem. My cordless vacuum had lost some of the suction and lint and other debris would accumulate on the middle of the screen and not drop down into the bottom of the container. I talked to Wyze about this and they were kind enough to warranty exchange it for a new vacuum. When the new vacuum arrived I was able to see the problem. There is a rubber gasket around the lower clean out door that must have fallen off during one of the times that I emptied it. Moral of the story is to make sure the rubber gasket is always in place even after a clean out.


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Nice call out, similar thread here with a suggested replacement part.


Definitely nice call out. Not gonna lie I don’t wanna make a separate post but I hate this vac. The battery life is abysmal. Charging time is abysmal. I should’ve just gotten the bissle like I planned smh.


I almost lost the gasket in the trash to mine this way as well. It doesn’t stay put very securely in the lid. It’s just another thing that Wyze didn’t properly test. Maybe they will come up with a more secure gasket to replace ours, but I doubt it. I would have been really upset had I not noticed that it was missing before taking out the trash for pickup. Then the next day realizing that it might have fallen into the trash can.

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I would highly recommend everyone remove the gasket and put a little super glue on it then reinstall so the gasket will not fall off when emptying out the dust bin in the future.


Wouldn’t super glue dry the gasket out and make it crack? Maybe something more rubberized and a very small amount.

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Remember super glue is like water a little goes a long way. Four very little drops at 12, 3, 6, and 9 will do the trick.

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Well this is why my vacuum doesn’t work anymore. Dang it.

Glad you made this post. I was able to stop my wife from throwing ours away with the trash. Little super glue fixed it right up.

Cordless vacuum won’t suck

Give it time.

Sorry, never owned one. Having trouble with impulse control this morning.image

So not to sound like an idiot, but… what’s the dirt cup? I have this problem with my cordless vac too. Are we talking about the trap door on the bottom of the dust collection bin ? Or a gasket mounted on the filter? It seams like I have a gasket on the filter still, but the trap door that has the dial to loosen up the funk around the metal screen, doesn’t seem to have a gasket and can see a gap between the lid and the clear plastic sides of the collection bin. ??


So Wyze finally makes a product that doesn’t suck and it’s a vacuum?

I keed, I keed, :wink: Love almost all of my Wyze products.

You have lost the black o ring gasket on the flip door of the dust bin.

Picture of gasket

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Thanks that would be my problem then!! Hopefully I can get it replaced. But will definitely add glue to the filter thing and hope for the best! Thank you for your time and help!

@wiredin posted this as a replacement in another thread.

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is this the replacement for the part I need ? thought this was for the
gasket on the cup / filter

Here is the gasket the forum member pointed out

Another link from @jmkrue , looks like Amazon is sold out

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The ring I got from McMaster-Carr is still working great. It fits better than the original and I put a few tiny dabs of super glue to keep it from falling out just to be sure.

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Thank you so much everyone! This is awesome to have such a network! I’ll keep an eye out for a chance to pay it forward as soon as I can!!