Wyze Cordless Vacuum Unavailable Accessories

I’ve been loving using the Wyze Cordless Vacuum but the rubber ring at the bottom of the dust release has gone missing and Wyze doesn’t sell replacement parts. Without this rubber ring the vacuum has hardly and suction and often just drops the sucked up debris back to the ground.

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Welcome to the forum! @malnatik

Yea unfortunately Wyze doesn’t sell any replacement parts.

But their is someone who sells the part on Etsy. I’ll drop a link below and also tag @carverofchoice he bought this part from the seller and is a well trusted user here and can give you a guarantee that this item will be a good buy for what you’re looking for

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I did buy that part from this seller (and many other things from him). He’s a really good dude and @lachlan6 has been active in the forums here in the past. He stands behind his products and is a nice guy you can talk to about any concerns with your purchases. I use this gasket in my vacuum and I personally think it works better than the original. It stays in place AND seems to have a better seal which feels like my vacuum has even better suction.

But that is just my personal experience. I recommend that part to people, and I have no hesitation in buying anything from that guy. If I could give him 6 out of 5 stars I would.