Wyze Cordless Vacuum O-Ring Replacement Help

By any chance has anyone found (and maybe has a link) to an o ring that fits proper in the cordless vacuum?

Replacements are out of stock indefinitely and the vacuum is useless without it since it leaves an open gap in the chamber. My replacement order has been in purgatory over a month.

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A colleague of mine lost his O-Ring. He ended up ordering this:

says it worked perfectly for him.


Thanks @spamoni , I’ll give it a try

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I’m in the same boat with my replacement o-ring order not being shipped.
Thank you @spamoni for the etsy recommendation, I’ll give it a try as well.

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I ordered a couple. I had a question, and the seller/maker responded in minutes and shipped them the next morning. I received them 2 days later. They work perfectly, I highly recommend, And very reasonably priced. Thanks for the tip!

It’s ridiculous that we have to pay for alternatives to a design flaw which makes it easy to lose the gasket in the trash. Wyze really needs to step up and take responsibility of their mistake and provide us with free replacement gaskets and a fix so we don’t lose it again. Seems like every product this company makes has issues.

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Why doesn’t Wyze add these as reorderable items since it seems to get thrown away a lot by many people? Should be added in the troubleshooting list as well “Verify seal is present on refuse cup”, or something to that extent. Once the seal accumulates some dust, it does not hold and is easily thrown away.
It appears to be an issue with the design, so it would be nice to revisit in future iterations of this product.

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Exactly, but the real question is why didn’t Wyze design this to be clipped in so it wouldn’t fall out. It’s clear they didn’t test the product prior to release. Or, the issue was brought up but management ignored it. Wyze does this a lot and why they won’t be around in 5 years.


Well it happened, lost my dust bin gasket to the trash. Even knowing it can happen didn’t prevent me from losing it, I must have been in a hurry because I’m so careful about it. Called Wyze and they are sending me a replacement gasket for free.

I really think though that Wyze needs to come up with a permanent solution, as we shouldn’t have to come up with something on our own when this is a design flaw. I really wasn’t a fan of the Cordless Vacuum at first, but now I really like it other than the expensive proprietary batteries, the dust bin gasket issue and the brush tool where the brush doesn’t stay extended. Overall though it’s a light and portable vacuum that’s great for small jobs.

I just ordered a gasket. Previously, I made an inquiry to this Etsy seller if he could make a bracket for the version 2 Sense. He designed it that day and I had the brackets in an incredibly fast amount o f time. It’s just a coincidence that I discovered this post,
It is a shame that we must pay a third party for this, but I am very happy to support this small entrepreneur.

We haven’t have to pay a third party for a design defect. Wyze should take responsibility and fix it.

My Wyze cordless vacuum also lost suction after its last use and thanks to this thread, I learned that I had dumped the gasket into the garbage by accident.

I found another source for a replacement gasket as there was no Amazon stock on hand. I ordered part 1302N271 (Buna-N O-ring 70A 112mm OD, 104mm ID, 4mm) from McMaster-Carr for $5.94 for two gaskets plus $7.67 for UPS shipping. They arrived less than two days after I placed my order.

The replacement gasket fit is the same as the original (hence, the loss hazard still exists) and the vacuum is back to working as it should. I am going to try placing a few tiny bits of “Sticky Tack” modeling putty underneath the gasket in the hopes that it will keep it from falling out when emptying the canister, yet easily removed if it has been replaced.

Wyze would do well with by customers by updating their site and documentation to point out to be careful not to lose the gasket when emptying the vacuum and provide O-ring specifications and places to obtain replacements if they aren’t going to sell them.

Again, we shouldn’t have to pay for a replacement gasket due to Wyze’s design flaw! It’s insane that people accept this as an option. Wyze just needs to fix the issue!!!

I glued the O-Ring to the hinged cover to prevent it from falling off.