Wyze Handheld Vacuum - Replacement Part Not Sold

I am an avid user of the Handheld Vaccum its the most used in my home. My daughter was using it and had a moment of being a kid and dropped the vacuum. Seemingly things were ok but upon further inspection, the dust chamber lock was damaged.
Now the chamber falls off when in use. I called support to see if I could purchase this part but was told no, and that if I wanted this part the only way would be to purchase a new vacuum. I have been a Wyze customer since the first kickstarter and believe in the products. If there is someone who has this part or can get me in touch with someone at Wyze so I can buy this part it would be really helpful.

Replacement non-consumable parts from Wyze are usually not available since Wyze buys these complete from another company and that company has to offer spare parts.

I checked on AliExpress since they have a lot of parts that fit Wyze robot vacuums, but found nothing for the handheld vacuum.

I have a complete lightly used working hand held vacuum with a custom wall mount.

$40.00 shipped in the US.

PM if interested

Thanks for looking, appreciate the extra effort.
I have the 3D printed holder already. Ill keep your offer in mind as I continue my search for parts.

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I would think that Gorilla Glue could fix that. If not then just duct tape it. :slight_smile:

I want to second your request for parts. My kid just broke the small tab that latches to hold the dust bin door closed in the same manner. I can’t find a new dustbin, or dustbin door part anywhere. Does anyone have an idea? I hate the thought that my $140 vacuum is now useless because of a plastic tab.

Sadly, your only option is to buy a new vacuum. Unless Wyze will replace it for free but probably not if it isn’t still under warranty.