Cordless Vacuum Accessories Pre-Order

Was anyone actually able to pre-order the motorized mini brush or the foldable tube accessories? I see these referred to in the pre-order updates from Wyze, but I never saw them for sale. When I ordered the cordless vacuum, which was in the first couple days of release, they were only available for “notify me” sign-up. I’ve never been notified. I’ve searched the forum and reddit for reference to the sale or pre-order of these and there really isn’t anything.

p.s. I tried to name this topic “Cordless Vacuum Accessories” but it said this title already was used. I certainly can’t find that topic so maybe in some hidden group I can’t see there is a discussion on this.

I selected all options when I ordered mine. It is supposed to come tomorrow. Will see if the additional items are included, no reason to believe they were not.

This is what is supposed to come in:

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According to their weekly updates your first shipment will only contain the cordless vacuum hardware. Accessories will ship separately later. With the only one currently starting to ship being the filters.

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Thats what I read as well. However, in the past, Wyze would separate it into 2 orders with a -001 / -002, if I remember correctly. This one did not and the shipping noticed showed all items included.

I will post what came in tomorrow. I am good either way.

Speaking from my experience, my shipment also said it included the battery and filters as well but it did not. Only the vacuum.

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Bummer, maybe mine will be different. :slight_smile:

Did you check with Wyze to see why? I know what it said, but if the line item said shipped and the Shipping indicator showed it was included, then how is it tracked that you did not get it? I have seen where they actually added a new entry to the My Orders List.

Yeah, I’ve seen that before too. I figured they’re doing something differently here as they often do. The batteries aren’t even supposed to ship until October and they repeatedly noted that accessories will be separate so I knew it wasn’t a mistake. I had the same hope you do at first, because it’s been very confusing, but I guess that’s one of the reasons why they’re sending weekly updates.

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I ordered the Vacuum with the Motorized brush. I too was initially concerned because I got mine delivered 9 days ago without the accessory even though the order wasn’t split up like they usually do when they deliver things separately. I thought it got lost or something. Now that I know accessories are shipping later separately I am not too concerned.

I know shipping issues are a nightmare right now. I just read an article about how all the ships currently anchored waiting their turn will probably not be unloaded in port until October or November sometime! YIKES! They say one of the biggest issues is getting enough drivers to take everything away. They’re saying if we don’t start ordering Holiday shopping stuff now, it’s possible we might not get our orders by Christmas time. That’s crazy! I assume that’s mostly international stuff, but still, wow, big shipping issues right now. I’m just happy to hear my accessory is still going to come.

Well, got my Vacuum, really like it so far. Have not fully used it yet. But as you all said, I was hoping differently, the additional items did not show. :frowning:

But all is good. I am going to reach out and see how we know if and when it will be shipped.

I checked with Wyze and here is the response:

We apologize for the confusion and delay in shipping the rest of the orders you didn’t receive. Rest assured that we are aware of this so you may disregard the status “shipped” on the items you didn’t receive on the order page. These items on your order are currently backordered but do not worry it should be shipping soon once the backordered item is in stock.


Yes, it is correct that our warehouse team has the list of all items that were not shipped. Wyze has also been transparent in stating on the 9/15 pre-order updates that the following items:

  • Foldable Vacuum Tubes, Battery Packs, and Mini Motorized Brush Tools are expected to start shipping in early October and will be sent out together, separately from vacuum hardware and HEPA Filters.

  • HEPA Filters will start shipping by 9/17 - if you haven’t received an email for this item with a new tracking number, it is most likely that your order was not yet shipped and it is still probably in process.


What was supposed to come with the vacuum as a “bonus item” because if I remember right, they added something, right? I didn’t add anything to my order outside from just ordering the vacuum. I got the two basic attachments, but again, I thought they offered something for free on top of that. TIA!

I’m in the same boat. Ordered the vacuum months ago. Kept waiting to be notified that the accessories were available. Now I get a notice that all pre-orders will be shipping soon and all the accessories are “sold out”. So when were they available?!?

I’m running my vacuum in “Medium” mode, and I’m lucky to get a 15-minute run time (is that normal?) Then it takes three hours or so to charge it. I definitely need a second battery. I know I’ll need replacement filters, and I’d really like to get the motorized brush tool as well.

I hope these accessories are made available soon!

The latest newsletter said 98% of accessories have shipped and all should be shipped 10/15/21.

Has anyone received a shipping notification or tracking number? Has anyone received their accessories and if you did, were you sent tracking information or a notification that shipped?

I suspect we may not get tracking info or a notification since they never split the accessories into a separate order number from the vacuum order which already had a tracking number, etc for that order. I expect to just see it randomly get delivered…support did assure me that they were indeed tracking who still needed which accessories despite them remaining in an already fulfilled order number that had the vacuum, so I believe that, I am just thinking we won’t get tracking numbers because the order is still merged with the vacuum that was already delivered.

EDIT UPDATE: I got my Vacuum accessory delivered today. It had a USPS label and tracking but it was delivered by FedEx (so it was a smart-post partnership). I never got a notification nor a tracking number.

The box was open and just folded closed again by FedEx (not taped). But the Wyze item was in there. (This is normal for them to do when they have packages come apart on them, sometimes they just guess which packages had which items and people have reported getting weird things delivered from FedEx that they didn’t order, and delivery companies explain this is why that happens sometimes…often from them roughly handling the packages and making them rip open)

So my hunch was correct, it was shipped without any notification, and since it went through USPS even FedEx wouldn’t alert me about it. So if you are wondering if yours shipped, it probably did, you just have to wait for it. It might come USPS but might be FedEx, just be patient through next week would be my recommendation.

I too pre ordered the stick vacuum on June 1st. I’ve had my vac for a while now but I have nothing stating that I am supposed to get my bonus accessories. What all was I supposed to get? Is there a way to contact someone at Wyze to see what is showing on my account of the accessories I’m still waiting for? TIA


In case no one noticed, all accessories are up on the store for ordering now. They did not e-mail waitlisted folks.

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So… does that mean I can go order it and it will be free? Or are you saying they just changed their minds on the pre-order bonus auto ship? Thanks.

There was no free bonus accessory. You’re confused with the handheld which included replacement filters.

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