Cordless Vacuum Ship Date

I pre ordered the Cordless Vacuum 6/1/2021, when is it shipping?

The store page has been updated to project that the preorder will start shipping in August. The pandemic messed up everything from chips, to labor, to shipping.


Any updates on when these will start shipping?



I just wish Wyze provided e-mail updates on these preorders. It shouldnt require me to scour the internet looking for answers. They clearly have the resources to send me marketing info on new products.


Agreed. Rather see updates to my order than advertisements emailed.


WyzeJimmy sends emails, I believe weekly on the status of the orders. Have you subscribed to these notifications and emails?

I would go to the App on your device, then go to Account and Notifications and turn on all notifications in each section.

Sigh…all I want is an e-mail update. I turned off app notifications. Something I do for most products. Marketing and promo stuff is something I do not require. I did not need to update anything for Wyze to send me ads but yet I get them. Now I have to opt in on the app to get updates on an order I paid for? Does that make sense to you?

I just looked and this is what the bottom of the email says:

You’re receiving these weekly emails because you have an outstanding preorder from You’ll be automatically unenrolled after the product(s) that you’ve preordered have finished shipping. Jimmy will miss you when you go!

You may have an email to the account you use for Wyze. It could be in Spam, have you checked there? They do come out every week. It will be from:


Nothing, I went through my Spam folder attached to the Wyze registered e-mail address line by line for the past 2 months.

I used to get these weekly update emails when I was waiting for Wyze Doorbell, but nothing for the vac. That’s what’s got me frustrated, it seems there’s no communication from Wyze. If this is an oversight from them I hope they look into it and resolve the issue. If it’s an oversight on my end for some reason, they could at very least respond to my support ticket asking for an update.

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Last email that I received on July 27 was from acknowledging my June 3 order of vac and accessories and to log in to my account for shipping updates. (there are none)

The last email regarding pre-order updates from Jimmy from Wyze was 8/11 stating that vacuum pre-orders expected to begin shipping 8/16. I will try to include that portion of the email.

Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Sold Out

These haven’t started shipping yet.

Wyze Cordless Vacuum orders are expected to start shipping by 8/16 , while accessories will follow starting sometime in September .

I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once our next round of inventory clears the seaport.

Notes for Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Wyze Cordless Vacuums are still estimated to start shipping by 8/16. A small first batch has cleared the seaport and is on the way to our warehouses at the moment. We hope to start shipping these by next Monday, and then may need to wait a few weeks to get more inventory to continue shipping.

Seaport congestion trends make us a bit nervous about the early September estimate for accessories. We have made the call to broaden our shipping estimate for these separate packages to start going out sometime in September. Thanks for your patience and we’re super sorry for the continued delays!

I ordered 6/1 and just got tracking number today

I ordered 6/4 and still no tracking.

I got today shipping tracking number!
I order same day of pre-order release.

I order mine on June 2nd and no tracking. Jimmy’s email update said the first batch was sent out and the next batch is until September. I asked Wyze support to clarify how many do they ship at a time.

Good luck getting a response, but I hope they do.

I ordered mine June 1, pretty much the minute they went on sale. Still no shipping info. I’m gonna be pissed if I have to wait until Sept.

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Looks like we are now in the September batch…this update from Jimmy…

Notes for Wyze Cordless Vacuum |

  • |

    Wyze Cordless Vacuums started shipping on Friday. We’ve already shipped through our first batch of inventory and will need to wait for more to clear the seaport in the coming weeks before we can continue shipping.



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Sad to hear. Good company. Bad PR :frowning:

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