Full Length Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum

Since Wyze has developed two vacuums now, and mentioned in the latest e-mail that Wyze is expanding to non-Wifi products, I want to put in a request to develop a full length cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. As an example, a product similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/A10-Hero-Cordless-Lightweight-Authorized/dp/B07C5MXJMX/ .

It would be nice if it could handle wall edges and hard to reach corners on the floor since I would want to use it after the Wyze Robot Vacuum and clean all the spots it couldn’t reach easily.

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Interesting idea @greyhawk5 !
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I have been an earlier adopter, pro supportive proselytizer and thrilled user and with far more products than likely 99% of WYZE users.

I’m must however address the large percent of disgruntled current owners of WYZE products as well as the tens of millions of potential sales of iOS was a priority over dumb hand held vacuums and their commercial gimmick claims.

Real use will come to Apple Siri / HomeKit households soon or WYZE may be known for its meteoritic fall as much as its precedent setting start and subsequent year over year growth.


I would love to see WYZE take over more industries as they have already dominated areas of certain smart home markets in many of our minds.

The FOCUS must be turned now before it’s too late.

I agree! I think a full stick vacuum with attachments would be more versatile than the handheld, and would be a great companion to the robot vacuum.

I’d like to see a Wyze cordless stick vacuum. The biggest must-have feature is a roller that won’t get hair wrapped around it. Shark has a few models that do that, but I’m sure Wyze could make the same thing cheaper.

I must have imagined that I was going to be able to stand-up and vacuum with the new Wyze Handheld Vacuum… :thinking: Maybe the forces and torques are too much and it will snap at a joint, but it seems like all you need is a tube which is the length of the hose and a kind-of reverse attachment adapter so that you can attach the flat nozzle to the tube. With those pieces, a wood or tile or flat carpet floor could be vacuumed while standing… How about it?? Thanks!

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Does it come with the stick or do I have to purchase the foldable stick shown as an accessory?

Welcome @tshillpa!
Included with the cordless vacuum:

  • Main Unit (Battery included) x1
  • Charger x1
  • Crevice Tool x1
  • Floor Brush x1
  • Aluminum Tube Assembly x1
  • 2-in-1 Brush x1
  • Wall Mount Base x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1
  • Additional Insert x1

Take a look at the cordless vacuum details page for more information.

Yes I am currently looking for a new vacuum. I have tried several types of vacuums over the years. As a mom and pet owner I am pretty tough on vacuums and I havent found any that impress me yet. I am very curious to try the wyze cordless vacuum. I love my shampooer because I can use it for just about anything. Fullsize for regular household shampooing and lift the tank off for portable jobs like furniture, vehicles, small spaces, and/or hard to reach areas… and it has been extremely durable and dependable. A durable vacuum that could do the same would not only impress me but would also make my life a lot easier.

I was just wondering if the wyze cordless vacuum and similar products such as the product mentioned the Tineco A10 Hero on Amazon, if they are being tested together as product comparison by consumers or wyze members. Really a third similar product should also be compared with the wyze cordless and A10 Hero for better results. I’d be willing to try the Wyze Vacuum, the A10 Hero, and any additonal similar products in order to give a review based on using similar competitve products. Ideally the parameters could be determined but if I had three vacuums sent to me I could dedicate specific amounts of time to each vacuum for a fair review of all three products. Even trying each vacuum for a week or 2 at a time, or maybe even 30 days each would give a user a chance to try it in a variety of situations. I can usually tell within a day up to a week if the vacuums gonna work out for me… Most dont last a day or stick around only til i find another one to replace it.

I think all products should be tested like this. Its the only way to understand what consumers want from this type of product or from any product being introduced into the market and how similar products compare to the product? This allows you to collect consumer data on a whole new scale vs. having people test only your own product with nothing similar to compare it to. Also it allows for a much more in depth and comprehensive review based on how the Wyze (our product) compares to similar products and will gain a full review in order to determine if it meets users and consumers needs and/or provides satisfaction that consumers will want to choose.

I am new here to the Wyze community and Im still learning the ropes. Please forgive me if these types of product testing are already being used as there is alot to learn here. Based on my background and previous experience… my response to this thread mentioning the similar product the A10 Hero is also from my observations as a new member to the community, as I have had some time to look around and have read alot of different product reviews including wyze products reviews here and other online reviews from outside of the Wyze community. It seems there are alot of complaints about the wyze products from both inside and outside the wyze community. This actually surprised me and encouraged me to join the forum and sign up as a beta tester. This allows me to learn more about the Wyze products from my own perspective and I hope to become a helpful and contributing member to the community by sharing my thoughts and giving feedback when possible. Thank you!