Handheld vacuum accessories

Just got my handheld vacuum. Seems great but it would be even better if it came with a rigid extension tube and not just the flexible one. That way it would be more accommodating to people who don’t want to bend down to the ground to clean something up but need to control the vacuum more than the flexible tube allows. Is Wyze going to offer such an extension tube or should I go look elsewhere. Given it seems to be a standard 1 inch I can probably find something from some other vendor.

I don’t believe anything is planned for this type of accessory, but you could add it to the #wishlist!

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It would also have been good if the bag held the accessories in addition to the vacuum. As it only seems to hold the vacuum and maybe one attachment, it is useless. The bag in the quick start guide looked bigger. Seems like every Wyze product has some “Gotcha” now days/

I’m fine with the bag and I thought it was nice of them to include it at all. I use the bag to hold all of the attachments and keep the vacuum separate.