Cordless Vacuum great! But, sneezing?

So I just got my cordless vacuum yesterday, and it’s pretty great. I’ve tried the similar Dyson at a family member’s house, and it has the same feel and weight, and is very effective. I love it!

However, I’m finding that I and my wife keep sneezing when we use it. We don’t have that with our normal vacuum that has a filter, and we also don’t get it when our Wyze robot vacuum is doing its thing. But with this one, I start sneezing when I vacuum.

Anyone else?

My first thought was to make sure all the filters are there and in place correctly. Damaged filter leaking some dust maybe? Still thinking about this one…

Yeah I plan on taking it apart and putting it back together again today and see if it makes a difference.

I noticed a smell when using mine for the first few times, like a new product smell. Could be that you’re allergic to that.

So I emptied it and after putting it all back together I haven’t noticed the problem for either me or my wife. So maybe the filter was it, or maybe our imagination

Either way, this vacuum is just great, we LOVE it.


@Resist , I’ll agree with that. It went away after I got rid of the packaging and used the vacuum a little bit.

@imranz , Glad to hear! I bet something was misaligned and you knocked it back in place.

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Got this in 2 weeks ago and just setup…I will put this to the same use as my Dyson (4yrs and going strong with all original parts). I can see the roller brush only has 1 row of Bristles . :worried:

Wyze Cordless Vacuum has 2 rows of bristles.

1 on each side…Yes…Let’s see how it goes as I said…4yr with Dyson on the same Battery, Bristle roller and Filter.

Yes, the roller needs more bristles and two rollers, instead of just one.

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Been using the Vacuum the 1 week…My over all experience.

  1. Plastic is Cheap…KIA plastic
  2. Battery does not last as long as my 4yr Old Dyson D44 (On the Original battery)
  3. Speed setting…Auto is not strong enough.
  4. The Bristle roller needs MORE bristles. This was done to increase Battery life with 2 row of bristles.

I see this was R&D by kids and it shows. I have a Dyson DC44 that I have been using for 4yrs (Same Battery and Bristle roller). All I do is empty out the dust. Dyson feels solid when you use the Vacuum and the Wyze does not have that Quality feel.