Cordless Vacuum, first impressions

Received our new Wyze cordless Vacuum after 4 months backorder. Was very excited as we are a Wyze home and have been from start-up. Opened the box with Christmas day like excitement, plug vac in to charge, waited until it was 100% to use. Vacuumed one of our bedrooms 14x16 hardwood floors, area rug. The results were as follows, the head on the vacuum does not articulate enough to get completely under the bed, the brush bar is sub standard and confusing. Wyze robe vac has a great! brush bar and was assuming that the cordless vac would be the same. Performance on the area rug seemed adequate, however the hardwood floors it struggled to get the finer dust pieces that the robo vac picks up easily.
Used the vac a total of 10 min on normal power, used 35% of power.

I write this not as a dig but an encouragement. Your team has given us so many great products…this one is just ok.
Your better than this!

I look forward to your reply and your great new products that help make our lives better.



I just got mine today and am finding the same outcome. I’m very disappointed at the battery life. And the brush bar is extremely disappointing, it’s very poor quality. There are also so many cheap plastic latches that I feel within a few years they will end up cracking and breaking. This vacuum will not last and certainly not worth the $120 I paid for it.

Lately Wyze seems to have a habit of over hyping products that don’t live up to their claims in real life. I guess it’s true, you get what you pay for.

Well, I just got the cordless vacuum yesterday… Showed my wife this new toy and tried to impress her… She charged it up and started using it… The battery went down very fast… Only last about 15 mins for the regular speed :weary: disappointed

The cheap plastic tension latch holding the bin broke off on me after about 10 uses which then prevents the dust bin from being able to remain closed.
Unfortunately its a design flaw, unlike my Dyson cordless that has a slide latch to open the bin which has worked great for over 10 years now.
Wyze’s response was to have me send in the entire unit and replace the entire unit. There is no way possible to replace just that latch.
I was offered store credit or a replacement. I took the replacement but now realize I should have taken the store credit since after a year, Wyze will not be replacing this mis-designed latch under warranty.