Wyze Handheld Vacuum Review

Got the Handheld Vacuum a couple weeks ago, and the operation is generally satisfactory, EXCEPT:

• Runtime from a full charge is poor. I’m getting maybe 10-15 minutes.
• The oval-to-round attachment adaptor comes out/loose too easily. And why is there an adaptor? Should be one fitting, and all attachments mate up to that.
• With lint the one-step emptying does not work very well. Lint and soft stuff vacuumed up tends to want to stick to the surface of the metal screen. You have to try to suck the stuff out with a full-size vacuum, or disassemble the parts to clean it.

If I had known these areas in advance I probably would not have purchased the unit. But I’ve had a good experience with other Wyze products, so I took a chance. I wonder if any of these issues arose during the beta period.


i am also disappointed by the vacuum performance. It is not useful to use any attachment.

For me the most disappointing point for the vacuum unit is that it was promoted USB C charging, just to notice when i got the unit that it came with a proprietary charging method that doesn’t work with any USB C PD charger, and the unit also doesn’t work while charging, so the vacuum unit will only last until batteries work.