Got my WYZE Handheld Vac Today - The Saga

Day 1

I know not a “smart” device… but this was the pre-order I have been the most excited to get as of late. (now the HMS )

As it turns out I was looking for a small, rechargeable and powerful vac to keep in my new vehicle and clean, low and behold WYZE announced the release on the same day I was looking… and I pre-ordered. I am sure I could have found an alternative that would have gotten to me faster, but given our environment today, I use my vehicle much less than before, and it wouldn’t have been a WYZE product… So no worries in waiting.

First impression just taking it out of the box:
Nicely Packaged (Fun Box) WYZE Light bulbs, plugs, and Cameras oh my.
Sleek Design
Nice assortment of attachments
The carrying case is a bit cheesy and probably won’t last long and the extension hose doesn’t quite fit, nor will all pieces at once.

Fired it up just to hear it… Whew it is loud, Like that high pitched loud.

Oh… and in the shipping box not the vac box is the extra HEPA filter Be careful not to discard and throw it out (You waited longer for the vac to get it :slight_smile: )

I’ll get some cleaning with it and let you all know what I think later!

I also introduce the WHHV to it’s big brother


Thank you for sharing that you received your Wyze Handheld Vac @R.Good… it brings a smile to our face knowing that ours should hopefully be arriving soon :crossed_fingers:.

I’ll be sure to look for the extra HEPA filter, appreciate the heads-up.

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Day 2

It sucks…:rofl:, But that’s what it is supposed to do, right?

Keeping in mind, my personal use case for this handheld vac is to keep in my vehicle.

I charged the WHHV to full before use and intend to see how long it will last before needing to charge again.

  1. The WHHV fit perfectly where I imagined it would when I decided to buy it ( a big reasoning for purchasing this vac for my use case) in my upper level dashboard

  2. The WHHV performed well in my first cleaning. The attachments fit all of my needs for floorboards, seats, vents, and hard to reach places like door jambs, cup holders, and between the console.

The down side is the attachment “connector” (The piece you connect to the vac, to connect the attachments to). The connector attachment slipped off the vac multiple times while cleaning my floor boards, but the “connector” stayed affixed to the attachments. Probably a mix of the bulky brush attachment and the channeled mats. It stayed attached when using the hose and crevice tool. I kept pushing it back in firmly but not really forcing it and it still slipped off.

  1. The filters… 3 stage seemed to work perfectly. The chunky stuff stayed in the primary container, trapping the mid size at the next level and the HEPA filter caught all the fine, leaving the motor and surrounds clean.

Round 1, Other than the attachment slipping free multiple times I’m happy with the WHHV thus far.


Impressive information here. Can’t wait to get mine.

Mine arrived this morning (Thurs). I had only been notified that it shipped on Tuesday. (fastest shipping of a Wyze product by far… good job!)

It is a nice little unit and I mean tiny compared to other handhelds that I have had. The assortment of attachments seems adequate and the little plastic bag to hold them? Eh… ok.

I charged it up and then went and hit the corners in the house that Rosie, (our regular Wyze), vac can’t get to. The little bugger did a great job and on full power, it does indeed suck! I’m looking forward to trying it in the car and to clean up after the next time our granddaughter visits.

All in all, another great Wyze product!


P.S. Since it is not a “smart product”, no wifi or Bluetooth set-up issues or need for firmware upgrades. I have been fortunate in not having many of those like some others, but just thought that I would mention it.


Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Great info provided, thanks

Day 6

So I used the WHHV for maybe 10 minutes on the first run, 6 minutes the next run, then 7 minutes the last and the WHHV needed a charge, it just shut off on me in use. So 23 minutes of use time, and a day in between each use.

Seems kinda short use on the batteries, I did have it on full go vs low. And WYZE says 30 minutes of run time with the 3 2000 mAh batteries… maybe some discharge when not in use? Or maybe I mis-timed my usage?

In between charging I did pull it off the charger for a second to sweep up some saw dust for a piece of flooring transition I needed to cut. I cut it with a circular saw, some fine and chunky saw dust… it handled it well nothing got to the motor. Then I had to trim some laminate that made some pretty fine dust with an oscillating saw… it cleaned that up well and again nothing got to the motor. The filters perform very well. Still happy with the WHHV.