Handheld vacuum delay

Wyze announced a delay to shipping of the handheld vacuum, now April rather than March. Sneakily written to make it sound like the delay is to benefit us because its to give them time to throw in a spare filter (what if I want one in March without said filter?)

Anyway, that leads me to ask about the filter. The specs talk about a washable filter but clearly there is something that needs replacing in the filter, anyone have details? Concerned how often filters need replacing, if I am on the hook to get the filter from Wyze and also if they’ve included this because they’ve realized it is needed to be replaced pretty quickly…

Here is the delay announcement for anyone that missed it:

Preorders were scheduled to begin shipping in March.
:point_right: Wyze Handheld Vacuum will now ship in the first half of April. These extra 1-2 weeks will allow us to include a free replacement filter in the box with every order which helps you save money in the long run!


Same question. If it’s a reusable filter, why do we need a second one?

Like the vacuum.
Just received my handheld vacuum today NO EXTRA FILTER was included.

Check the box it was delivered in, mine was in a small box amongst the packing stuff

Thanks for the reply…It was in there LOL

There are 2 filters, the HEPA filter is the one that needs replaced over time, and the one WYZE provided a replacement for. The other is a reusable mesh filter.

See pics here.

Hopefully they will start shipping more handheld vaccums soon, I have been looking forward to this device!
Does anyone know how many more devices are left to ship from the Early order in January?
I got some vacuuming to do, I need this thing!

Well it is now May, and I still have not received the handheld vacuum. My order shows a status of PICK/PACK whatever that means. It has not been shipped, so there is no tracking#? Is anyone out there still waiting on their pre-ordered handheld vacuum? Mine was ordered/paid for in January 2021.

Pre-ordered January and still waiting. Their shipping status email is confusing to the least.

Ordered March 28th and it said it would arrive in late April. Just came back today to figure out WTF happened. Very discouraged. Wife thinks we were scammed…although as someone who has purchased 8 cameras and a robot vacuum and is used to delays on new products, I’m not so quick to judge.