Pre-order delays on Wyze Handheld Vacuum

Has anyone experienced significant delays with the wyze handheld vacuum?

I’ve opened a few support cases and they keep telling me that I will receive shipping information within the week, but have yet to receive anything.

Pre-ordered in Januarary with expected ship in april. Its now may, and no confirmation.

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Check your account, orders, mine says they are in pick pack as of today

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Nothing yet for me.

It’s really a shame as their products are great when they arrive. It’s just getting them which is the challenge

That is the nature of the game with pre orders

Just would be nice to have a status in the portal. Feels like they take your money and forget about you.

I can’t say I don’t feel it also :neutral_face:

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They keep moving the month for shipping of the handheld vacuum…
Now, supposedly it’s in may?
May is about half over now, Has anyone received notice that their handhelds are shipped yet?

I’m expecting to see an update that says . June will be the new month of shipping.

Funny enough I just received a shipping confirmation from them yesterday.

It says to expect it to arrive in the next 4-10 business days.

Literally just got it 10 minutes after I posted before

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Mine arrived yesterday, 5/15. Lives up to all the advance billing.