Handheld vacuum will not hold a charge

I’m on my second handheld vacuum. It has the same problem as the first: will not hold a charge. I’ve tried multiple USB cables and outlets without success. You plug it in and the charge light does not come on. After several hours, turn it on and it will run abut 5 seconds then stops.

The first time I was sent a replacement unit and it worked fine on its factory charge. I put it in the case for a couple of months and it is now a brick. Waze says since it’s been over 30 days since I received the replacement they will not honor a return. Into the e-waste it goes.

Have you tried using a diffrent USB adapter (the 2 prong with usb port on other side thing)?

This sounds like an issue I had as well. I couldn’t get my first vacuum to charge and was sent a second vacuum. Once the battery died I noticed it having the same issue and thought I must be doing something wrong.
I did a lot of experimenting with different cables and came to the conclusion that you MUST charge it with a cable that goes from USB A to USB C. It doesn’t matter what type of block you use or any other A to C or C to A adapters as long as you have a cord that goes from USB A to USB C to the vacuum. Hope this helps

The charger and cable that come with the vacuum are USB-A on the charger end and USB-C on the vacuum end, and that’ not working for me.