Wyze handheld vacuum disappointment

Anyone out there having issues with their handheld vacuum?

I was SUPER excited to get my handheld vacuum the other day. To find that the suction is actually pretty low that its difficult for the vacuum to pick up tiny things that i was trying to clean up in the car. The attachments wasn’t helping either. I noticed that the vacuum was running hot within a few mins of it being on and there seemed to be more particles clinging to the outside of the vacuum vs what it actually picked up. And yes, i made sure it was properly closed and yes i fully charged it up completely before first use. The product was an overall disappointment to me. Anyone else having better luck with their machine?


Pretty good luck for me. I too thought the suction was very low, but at some point (accidentally) discovered that a second button press turned up the motor speed. The higher speed was about what I had expected.

I was initially unable to charge, and I thought I had a defective unit. It seems that some higher power USB C charging (typically USB C to USB C cable, for a Pixel phone in my case), simply does not work with the handheld vac. Their tech support responded quickly, and it was helpful to me.


The flat to circular connector that is used to attach circular accessories is very loose and comes off. Taping the outside of the flat connection with masking tape works well enough, but I should not have to do that.


I was really excited for my handheld vacuum as well and was quickly disappointed after using it for the first time. The advertised suction power is the main reason I purchased it, I’ve been consistently disappointed in other brands of handheld vacuums but this is no better. I just bought a new car and have been consistently vacuuming the carpet with a full size vacuum. I was hoping this would replace that hassle but it barely picks up fuzz and other small visible pieces of dirt making it worthless for simple daily car cleanings.


I totally agree. For +$70 and the wait…it’s a giant disappointment!

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I was very disappointed myself. I gave it many tries but it is no bueno. I thought I might have a bad one but it appears not to be the case. The suction power is bad and I was also having issues keeping the attachments on. I will be sending mine back tomorrow.

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It’s janky for the price…a Shark “Pro pet” handheld is $60 & has better features. My bad for not doing more
research, but the 3+ month wait had me looking around.

What also soils the pot, is once a month I reached out to Wyze to see where the vacuum was and kept being told it was on the way. Ironically, when I tried to cancel the order, I was given a tracking number.

Weird. Not right, but…Covid. So I’ve been patient and let down!

Example: who puts a rectangular connection and have the majority of “attachments” circular?

Makes zero sense… especially for all the people who want it for their cars. A circle is a lot easier to get into places than a square.

Why is their robotic vacuum circular?


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Same! So excited to get this handheld vacuum, however the attachment adapter just won’t stay in. It falls out multiple times during use making it so hard to complete the vacuuming. Trying to get help from support staff to return. I’ll have to try the cordless vacuum, fingers crossed!

Personally, if I were you I’d wait one or two generations. Dyson vacuums were complete POS for quite a while, just my two cents… (Rather few hundred dollars I wasted) I should have known, because it always takes tech companies a while to figure out manufacturing processes. By the way, where is @wyzesupport


I preordered the cordless stick vacuum from Wyze on June 1st when it was announced let me just start out with that. I finally got around to opening my cordless hand vacuum and trying it out around my house and car. Even on high setting the suction is very lackluster and takes multiple passes on the carpeting in my car to get basic loose debris, I then tried it just picking up loose cat litter the cats tracked by the litter box and that took multiple passes as well. It failed picking up anything less then dust and lightweight loose debris in most testing. This was a poor purchase and if I could return it I would. That being said after using this the last 2 days in different scenarios it was enough for me to decide to cancel the purchase of the cordless stick vacuum. I wont drop 130.00 with tax and delivery just on the chance it will be as bad as this turned out to be.

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Smart choice. I will stick to their cameras. My bad for ordering a 1st Gen product… especially during COVID-19. Hell, they were so unsure about their own product that they didn’t even offer free shipping on a preorder.

When I first tried the vacuum, it wouldn’t pickup anything. Then I found the second (High) speed. Now the only problem is that the door flap stays open. When I turn off the vacuum, all the crap I picked up, comes right back out. That ain’t good.

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I am very disappointed. Returning it. there is almost no suction when you use attachments.


Remember this promo video? I’m more impressed by the glue they must have used to hold the attachments together than the suction Mine falls off under their own weight!! Listen, I’m a ‘Wyze’ guy (no pun intended), but this product was a complete failure IMO. Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t seen any comment from Wise addressing this but sure seeing many disappointed people. Wonder if they would trade me my vacuum for a tube of their miracle glue?


I have a bunch of Wyze products and, up until now, have been very satisfied with them. But this stick vacuum is worthless to me. I bought it to get sand out of my car but the suction sucks. My Dyson handheld is 10x better.


I’m happy with the cameras but I’ll never order anything else, especially as Wyze has a forum; but doesn’t bother to monitor the customers concerns. What’s the point?

I received my handheld vacuum 2 days ago. I charged it up and tried to clan the dashboard of my car. This vacuum is not worth the powder to blow it up. It has very poor suction even in the high speed mode and the battery only lasted 12 minutes. I charged it up fully again and set it on the table running at slow speed and no trying to clean anything. The power lasted 30 minutes to the second. That is not acceptable and I am sending mine back now.

I give this vacuum a -1 for quality and the truthiness of the statements made by Wyze about the powerful suction.

Don’t waste your money. There are many other handheld vacuums out there that work muich better.

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There is a major design flaw rendering the vacuum useless. I bought 3 of them. Where the cap closes the trash collection container, there is a 1/8 gap and it does not seal. The small pieces of dust fall right out. It needs a rubber gasket to seal. Wyze has to know this. See pics.

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