Nooks and Crannies Meet Wyze Handheld Vacuum - 1/19/21

Launch Alert! Wyze Handheld Vacuum puts the power of a tornado in the palm of your hand. Accessories Bundle ($21 value) included with all preorders while supplies last.

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Cool! A nice helper for the places the robot can’t go, like stairs.
One nice thing I saw is the USB charging which is nice for car use.


Or the couch! You’re not supposed to put your poor robot vacuum on your couch. :slight_smile:



Just to be clear,… this is a Dry vacuum only and not a wet/dry shop vac type of product?


Yes, this is for dry messes only. Thanks for checking! :slight_smile:


USB charging… so it might charge in a car like a cell phone ?!


What, no wifi? Lidar?..


Cheazy promo video but I like it.

Also, as I out filling the pre-order, I kept imagining my wife calling me ‘Wyze [MOD EDIT]’ and its true…

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Yes you can charge in a car like a cell phone


Awesome… I’m in! :+1: I don’t need the Wyze bowling balls though. :grinning:


I was on the fence about getting a Dyson handheld, but I think I’m going to give this a try instead!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Wyze Handheld Vacuum?

  1. Remove the vacuum from the packaging.

  2. Fully charge the vacuum using the included Type-C power cable and charger. The status light will flash quickly when charged. Unplug the vacuum from power.

  3. To turn on the vacuum and operate in default mode, long press the Power button for 2 seconds. For stronger suction, short press the Power button once.

  4. To turn off the vacuum, long press the Power button again for 2 seconds.

Where can I use Wyze Handheld Vacuum?

Wyze Handheld Vacuum can be used on all dry surfaces to clean dry debris from dust mites to big crumbs. Ideal environments: home, car, office, etc.

Can it vacuum up liquids?

No, only use Wyze Handheld Vacuum on dry surfaces to clean dry debris.

Does the handheld vacuum come with any attachments?

Yes, all Wyze Handheld Vacuum orders come with 1 flat suction nozzle. But preorders come with 1 flat suction nozzle plus 1 brush tool, 1 crevice tool, and 1 extension hose.

Does Wyze Handheld Vacuum connect to WiFi?

No, Wyze Handheld Vacuum does not connect to WiFi. It is not an IoT device.

How do I clean the HEPA filter?

  1. Rotate and remove the dust cup

  2. Then rotate and remove the prefilter gauze.

  3. Pull the HEPA filter out of the prefilter gauze and rinse it with tap water.

  4. Once dry, reassemble the handheld vacuum.

How do I charge Wyze Handheld Vacuum?

Attach the included Type-C power cable to the vacuum and then attach the other end into an adapter compatible with 5V-2A. Then plug it the power adapter into a power outlet.

How long does it take to fully charge Wyze Handheld Vacuum?

About 3 hours from 0 to 100% battery.

How long does Wyze Handheld Vacuum operate when fully charged?

When fully charged, the handheld vacuum will work for up to 30 minutes of persistent use.


I’m in!!!


Will there be any videos of it actually being used? Will there be any additional attachments released down the line, like a roll brush? My main use for my handheld vacuum is to vacuum off the sofa or seats in my car to remove pet hair. I’d hate to invest in this and it never serve my purpose.


But… does anyone know if this is actually comparable to any of the Dyson handhelds? I know it’s (much) cheaper, but I need a good handheld, not a cheap one.

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Other accessories will be possible later! I’ll share your interest in the roll brush with the team. Can’t promise that will come yet but I’ll make sure you’re heard. I’ll also talk to Marketing about a video of it in use. :slight_smile:


My normal vacuum just burned out, and the Robot vacuum wasn’t getting some of the edges of rooms/borders really well (though it’s been awesome for getting pet fur). This might cover my remaining needs.


Sorry to hear about the burned out vacuum! Glad we had decent timing for you, though. :slight_smile: