Nooks and Crannies Meet Wyze Handheld Vacuum - 1/19/21

Can it be used to vacuum up cold ashes in a bbq?

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Welcome to my home… brought to you by WYZE.


I pre ordered…
to add yet another WYZE product ro my WYZE collection

So it’s another product I jump on …
Currently Awaiting my preorders of a outdoor plug and Smart watch …

All to be added add to my assortment of WYZE cams, smart bulbs and smart plugs !

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Will there be a long handle attachment, so that is can be used on the floor like a sweeper vacuum or like the Dyson cordless? I have been looking at the Dyson cordless as a quick spot cleaning and sweep up vac and this new Wyze vac looks good also.


I’m curious about this as well. It looks like the “hose” attachment is limp - I would be all over this if it had a “stick” attachment.

Is this a likely addition in the near future? I just bought a stick vac on Amazon and would LOVE to return it and pre-order one of these!


Dear Wyze team,
don’t get me wrong I love (most of) your products but what does a handheld vacuum have to do with a smart home?
Does it have WiFi?
Is it smarter than other handheld vacuums?
I am a sucker for gadgets so I will probably get one anyway.

OK, you beat Dyson on price for sure. The V7 starts at USD 200.
RPM: 10,000 vs 100,000 for the Dyson
Suction: 16,800Pa vs 100 Air Watts for the Dyson => How do you compare?

I found this online:
Typical domestic vacuum cleaners can create suction of 20 kPa (Pascal is a measure of pressure that equals to pressure of 1 newton of force per square meter of area) – 20 kPa would be 20000 N/m2 or around 2 tons per square meter, or around 200 cm (80 inches) of water.

Likewise, what does air watts mean on a vacuum cleaner? Airwatt or air watt is a measurement unit of the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners which refers to airflow and the amount of power ( watts ) a vacuum cleaner produces and uses.

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What kind of batteries does it use?
Are they replaceable?

Unfortunately I have two handhelds already that are basically useless since the batteries are completely dead and won’t hold a charge and they are not replaceable either unless you want to buy some basic Lithium cells and solder them together in tubes.

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I also have this question about what kind of batteries? And replaceable? Thank you.

I had the same thoughts and questions. I love innovation, but I’m actually starting to get weirded out by all the different markets Wyze is getting into.

And, agreed, I need more context for how this performs against competitors.

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WHY OH WHY is this a Wyze product. What does a powerful but “not-smart” vacuum belong in the product stable of a company built around the idea of making SMART technology affordable and attainable?

This product has no place in the Wyze universe, yet here we are. It’s like throwing spaghetti at a wall right now with Wyze. You are muddying the brand and eventually will be nothing more than an American version of Xioami, no real identity, just tons of entry level products that look nice.

Please just stick to the smart products. At $60, I can get a Black & Decker that does everything I need it to. At a certain point, all that suction is a waste. Geesh.


I agree 100%. Looks like WYZE is losing focus. The automated vacuum, ok that ties in to home automation. A handheld vacuum??? How does that fit into a smart company.


Does it work on very fine dust, such as drywall dust without causing clogs or damage?

Pa vs Air Watts - two different measures. Pa is likely measuring Suction Pressure and most domestic vacuums (the uprights) are going to top out at 20kPa (or more than this one), while Air Watts is a measure of Output/Suction Power.

The way you measure them is different. Pa is measured with sealed suction or water columns, while Air Watts are measured with the airflow at the end of the hose. I would say that this vacuum is a lot less impressive once you know what they are stating.

The video is even deceiving. That is a suction cup attached to the end of the device. It has it’s own resistance to force even without a vacuum attached (simple physics). The vacuum indeed adds the the available pressure reduction, but it seems gimmicky to me. Now if I had a need to carry around three bowling balls of unknown weight using only the power of a wireless device and a custom suction cup, I know where to go now.


The motor is “digital” :grinning:


All I can say is why???

When I do the math, 16,800 Pa = 2.44 Psi IMHO, that does not seem very strong suction for a vacuum. Of course when you attach a 6" dia plunger and apply a 2.44 lb vacuum to the entire 28.27 sq inchs of plunger area (3x3x3.14), you develop 68.69 lbs of suction across the 28.27 sq in surface of the bowling ball, you can then pick up the ball, or even three bowling balls. What does that mean as far as ability to vacuum dirt. Nothing, as far as I can determine. LOL


This is the first Wyze product that doesn’t feel disruptive. I own:

  • All the Cams
  • Headphones
  • Robot Vac
  • Switches
  • Bulbs
  • Sense
  • Watch (Pre-order)

And am happy with those. I wish you would focus on industries that need disruption. I wrote an idea about Wyze Weights to disrupt the Tonal gyms of the world. Surely you could producre this far below the current 3k price point + $50 subscription.


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Here is a link to a post with the transcript (and video) of the Wyze founders directly addressing questions as to Why Wyze is launching different products like this (which are not cameras or smart home devices, etc), and why it will not take away or delay the development of upgrades on already released products.


@UserCustomerGwen have devices been sent to this great YouTube channel - Vacuum Wars?

He should review the Robot Vacuum and new Handheld Vacuum on their merits and then do a good comparison ranking them against competition to show the great value!

That’s funny. No really, it’s humorous that people believe the BS laden responses in that q&a. Any company no matter their mission statement has the same primary goal. Profit. How they structure secondary goals and methods may differ, but it’s not about being disruptive or making tech accessible. It’s about that cheddar.

Let’s use the Wyze “suck” as an example. There is no lack of handheld vacs on the market. Many are larger, more powerful and have better overall design characteristics. That’s fine because Wyze is going to make it “more accessible” right? How do you do that? Only one way in a saturated market… price! But no, there are tens of options from reputable companies that cost the same or less with equal or better specs.

So forget that this isn’t smart tech (even though that has been the foundation of Wyze until Summer 2020), it doesn’t fit the broader ethos of the company. Other products skirted around the edges, but this one falls entirely outside and is simply a cash grab from the fan boys & girls. Don’t listen to the hype and actually see the truth in the strategy.