Wyze handheld Vacuum disappointment?

Is anyone EXTREMELY disappointed in the handheld vacuum?


Yes, it does not perform like the handheld in the video.

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I have been happy with mine. I’m sorry your unhappy with your handheld vacuum. What issue(s) have you encountered?

Welcome @joni!

Some people didn’t like the suction level, but they didn’t know that you can press the main button (when the vacuum is on) once to change the suction level to higher and back to lower.

Yes! And it’s so much smaller! It is as though wyze had children actors to show the size.

Well, Brie: you obviously work for Wyze. I am aware of the 2 speeds. The low speed is worthless and the 2nd speed works for~5 minutes while getting super hot! It’s tiny with a tinier “dust bucket”… This should have been $30…


I don’t work fr wyze, I’m just a volunteer user.

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I don’t have any issues with mine. I use both speeds, but primarily the second speed and it does not get overheated or too hot. My Wife loves it and my grandson likes to pull it out and vacuum up a mess - mesmerized how the mess disappears.

Happy with my Hand Held Vacuum

Mine has been surprisingly good. I don’t have issues with overheating and the normal speed is good enough to pull dirt and debris out of my car or couch.

Had mine for about a month. The WAF is high. Just got the wall mount. Rarely use our Dyson v8 because the Wyze robotvac and the handheld vac do a great job.

Not super impressed by its performance, always have to use it in high power mode.

It sucks things up I guess but it literally can’t even pick up ants unless you are on top of them that’s how weak it is even in high power…

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I’m happy with mine but don’t think it was worth the pre-order price of $60. And I’d never pay the current $79 price. I also don’t think mine would hold a bowling ball like it did in the promotional video. I do like that it has a two stage filter and that the HEPA filter is washable but the dust bin it way too small.

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Mine would have no problem picking up ants. In fact I use mine to clean up cat litter around the litter box and around the house, and it works fine.

VERY disappointed. Bought 2 and they have no power. The size is ok but I would have preferred a heavy vacuum that had some power. The idea that these could suck up a bowling ball is ridiculous. Saw the handheld but not willing to take the chance after I got burned on these.

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Well, I KNEW the bowling ball was a trick. Take any old plunger and pick up a bowling ball…
But this thing is a joke! I really think people need to either all return/complain/form a petition for reimbursement. $70 bucks! We got :nut_and_bolt::nut_and_bolt::nut_and_bolt:



I think there’s some serious quality control issues with the handheld vacuum. There’s a lot of folks who got them and they work great with no issues like myself. Vacuum strength is quite high, battery life is good, and the product works as expected. But there seems to be a not insignificant number of folks where the opposite is true.

Well, I’d say there is more negative than positive if you look at the forum’s. Also, a LOT of people haven’t even received them. This company seems to be throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks and I promise 6, 8 months from now there will be a lot of angry customer’s. There’s a reason you see very few companies with such a vast product array today. 1st gen always sucks… Badda bing! Truthfully, many people arent too worried about a $60 electronic device/purchase, they’ll hardly use.
Like a couple commenters, it almost seems as though they bought it as a toy for their kids…
For me, $60 goes far and these will most likely find their way into a garbage/landfill/on the curb in short time.
Different strokes, for different folks…I’ll

Volunteer user. Does that mean they pay you in wyze products?

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I for one don’t have an issue with the Hand Held Vacuum, it is powerful in high mode and is able to pickup anything I try to vacuum with it. I don’t have any heating issue at all.

Wonder if everyone realizes that you when the Vacuum is running, you tap the power button to switch it to high suction mode.

Also, has anyone tried the picking up of a bowling ball? If you have post a picture. I personally cannot say it was a trick or not as I have not tested it myself. But I could see it working depending on what the weight was of the bowling ball.

@chadmcemail, There are a number of us who try to help the community and provide potential solutions. We are all in this together and it goes a long way to help each other out in a constructive manner. Some community members have risen to a Maven Level like @Brlepage . I would consider those individuals to be more of a SME (Subject Matter Expert). It always helps when we can get detailed information as to what the issue is, the FW version (if applicable), app version (if applicable), and any ticket numbers you may have opened with Wyze as the Mavens or Moderators may be able to use those.

In any event, I am quite pleased with the hand held Vacuum and have even ordered the cordless vacuum.

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I and my wife are both pleased with the handheld vacuum as well as the robot vacuum. Not going to buy their cordless vacuum because I have 2 Dyson v8 vacuums that work great. The Dyson vacs do not get used much because the robot vacuum does a great job keeping the floors clean.

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