Handheld vacuum - the good and bad

I’m an early backer on basically everything, calling myself a WyzeGuy now. So I like the handheld vacuum for the most part. I haven’t seen the issues with the attachments not staying on but I haven’t used it a ton. Here’s my rundown:
The Good:

  • Power - not suck your skin off if you get it too close but with the extra push of the button the higher RPM works nicely and I haven’t had any issues picking up small things that I’ve wanted to.
  • Compact - it’s a great size
    The Bad:
  • DUST BIN - MAJOR issue, I tried to empty the bin and I had used it on my carpet which had lots of lint that built up and stuck inside. To the point that I had to get a stick to scrape the lint from in between the wall of the bin and the filter. This seems like a major oversight as I’m constantly getting lint/hair sucked into vacuums and if this thing basically clogs every time I use it and I have to scrape out the dirt/lint just to empty it that doesn’t feel like it was properly field tested.
  • HANDLE - oh my, whoever tested this must have small hands. I’m not the smallest guy but my pinky hangs over the end which makes it hard to grip. Not to mention the handle is actually really large around for my big hand to grip plus it has no angle to help you hold it. The finger grip groove on the front might as well not be there. It’s just not comfortable.

Overall I love Wyze, as with most of the products though this has a few minor things that need improvement. (ok maybe the noise cancelling headphones are darn near perfect) I’m starting to question being an early adopter and the benefit for waiting for v2.

Well that sucks. :slight_smile: