Wyze handheld vacuum disappointment

I don’t understand why they do not just send us new rubber seals? When I questioned Wyze about this I was told I had to return my sweeper and I would get a credit.

I returned mine after they asked for a video of the problem. Just return it and get the credit. They need to do a better job of standing behind their product

They won’t just send a rubber seal? That’s a bad business decision. It’s a $1 part.

Update: called Wyze, got though! Nice young man handled the call and is sending me a replacement gasket for the vacuum. There is hope I guess. As long as the weak battery works at least.

If they are offering to take it back then send it back. That hand held vacuum is terrible. It couldn’t pick up loose cat litter off a hardwood floor in my testing without multiple passes.

I’ve just received my handheld vacuum yesterday and followed the instructions to get it charged and ready. Fully charged, and it doesn’t work. It sounds like it’s trying to power on but something isn’t connecting properly. Tried calling support, it was not productive at all. Do not call the support line. They don’t know about the products and just read from a list on steps for them to do.
Starting to thing these Wyze products are cheaper for a reason. It’s a gamble when you order their products. Will it work or not? If yes, for how long.
Now I see why they don’t have reviews available on their products. Shame Wyze, Shame.

That is because all of their vacuums ARE JUNK!

Yes, What good is a vacuum cleaner if you can’t get the parts. After doing some research, it seems like the handheld vacuum market copies each others designs. Also, I was an early backer and I’ve now noticed that my version does not have the inner dust cup that goes over the HEPA filter. I wrote to support but got the standard response. I think I’m going to discontinue buying any other products because it seems Wyze is good at creating things, not so good at supporting them.

Lasted barely over a year. No serviceable parts or battery. Awful. More bucks for the landfill. DO NOT BUY!!!
Support companies that do things like replaceable batteries!!!
Dewalt makes a great vac that uses their swappable 18v batts!