Handheld vacuum not charging

Just got the handheld vacuum and plugged it in and there are no lights to indicate it is charging. The outlet it is plugged into works fine. Tried to contact support but couldn’t find an email to send issue to.

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Are you using the supplied cable and charger?

What happens when you turn it on?

Mine was shipped with a partial charge, as is customary. When I plugged the cable in, the LEDs on the vac indicated it was charging.

Have you tried connecting another device to the Wyze cable and charger? How about using a different cable and charger?

Trying to use a process of elimination. Not sure if it will charge unless it is fully sealed.

Nothing happens when I plug it in, no lights or anything. Tried another cord and that didn’t work either. It has some charge so I was able to use it for a bit.

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Time to call support. The chat is a bot and the email tech support isn’t much better.

I plugged it into my anker charger that I use all the time for everything, no lights lit up then , I plugged it into the USB’s spot on my power strip and the lights lit up , then plugged it in with the suppled cable and charger and the lights also lit up

Any resolution to this matter. I just got my handheld vac, and I have the same issue. Plug it in, using the supplied cord and power plug, and I get no lights to indicate it’s charging or the charge is complete. Unplugged and replugged, moved to a different power source, but I still get no indicator lights.

No fix, had to have them send me a new one

I am a little sad about how the charging port was implemented on this device. It reminds me of the issues with the early Nintendo Switch and Raspberry Pi4… I have tried 3x USB-C PD Chargers and none of them will turn on the power / charging light on the device. I can only charge using the included USB-A Charger and USB-A to USB-C Cable.

I received my handheld vacuum after long wait. Having same charging issue. The vacuum did not power on right out of the box. No charge or whatsoever. Then I tried to charge using the provided charger. Did not see any light indicating that charge in progress. Contacted help desk. Looks like it is going to be another long wait for replacement. Planning to ditch it and ask for refund.

I was able to solve the no charge lights with my standard USB A charger, but I had to use their USB C cable that came with it. Weird. Frustrating.

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