Introducing Wyze Cordless Vacuum?

Just got an email today, and I really have to wonder about what is Wyze as a company.

Can someone from Wyze tell me why would anyone buy a Wyze Cordless Vacuum, when it looks like all other vacuums and has no identifiable feature setting it apart from the others like Dyson, Tineco, Xiaomi, etc (some of which have reliability and experience behind them).

It’s really cheap, is that the value here?

I would consider this product as disposable more than anything. At this price point, if it lasts 3 years at least, it’s a good buy. Looks like OEM and Wyze will just put their label on it.

Is Wyze now pushing out products as a “brand” play now that there are a lot of Wyze customers?

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they’ve already sold 2500, so apparently people are interested. I thought about it but my Dyson v7 is still adequate.

It’s our goal to become the most customer-centric smart home technology company. We’re passionate about providing customers access to high-quality products at great prices. We relentlessly keep costs low by partnering with the world’s most efficient manufacturers. We cut out “channel fat” by selling directly from our own website. And, unlike our competitors, we don’t seek a high profit margin over our cost base, passing on all of these savings to our customers.


Also, you have to purchase the accessories separately… If you want the tube extension, mini head brush, 2 pack hepa filters, plus extra battery, you’ll need to add $121 to your add + cost of vacuum $120… That’s $242 without tax and free shipping…

Cheaper than Dyson I suppose if you are in the market…